Hattifant’s Paisley Butterfly Masks

Don’t we all love to DRESS UP??? We made these gorgeous Paisley Butterfly Masks the other day and they had to be shared with you!

Hattifant's Paisley Pattern Butterfly Mask to color and craft

Hattifant’s Paisley Butterfly Masks

Aren’t they amazing?! We had a fantastic Saturday morning listening to Winnie the Pooh’s adventures last weekend with lots of crafting with some very talented little people who couldn’t get enough of making butterfly masks.

Hattifant's Paisley Pattern Butterfly Mask to color and craftSome proud little people showing off their masks.

Hattifant's Paisley Pattern Butterfly Mask to color and craft

Our little people were so busy that I believe they made each about 2 to 5 different masks as there were all of a sudden a lot of friends that really really needed a mask, too! 🙂

But…these are not only for little people. I know lots and lots of grown ups that like to make their own outfits for Halloween and the Carneval season.

So this craftiness amongst the young got me inspired and I designed a butterfly shape that is Hattifant style and decorated it with a beautiful paisley pattern.

Hattifant's Paisley Butterfly MaskI believe for the younger children the template without any pattern is in particular suitable as it encourages their imagination. Also the pattern is quite whimsical and could frustrate the young crafters at times.

For the crafters amongst us that aboslutely LOVE colouring in and LOVE Paisley then obviously the mask with the paisley pattern is the one for you! 🙂 I find it absolutely relaxing to colour in these patterns. It is almost meditating, well lets say, it calms my mind!

So enough of the talking…here are the printables so that you can start making your own masks!

DOWNLOAD the Butterfly Masks WITH and WITHOUT Pattern HERE

Print of your gorgeous masks, color them to your own liking with your most favorite colors and pens.

Last but not least to finish of your mask simply tape a stick (we used wooden shapsticks) to the opposite side so that you can hold up your mask.


Enjoy and you know that I am always happy to hear from you!


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