Hattifant’s Peekaboo Dinosaur Family

Hello everyone,

I spent all day today looking for a more neutral or boyish craft that of course girls will like too.

And believe me, I did think of something and I believe you’ll love it.

It has DINOSAURS all over it, pops up, is easy to make and promises loads of play fun afterwards!!!

Please WELCOME …

Hattifant’s Peekaboo Dinosaur Family

Hattifants Dinosaur FamilyHave a fun filled conversation by pressing the card box this way or that. Have a happy dinosaur talk to a very annnngryyyyy dinosaur.

We turned them into a family,…, Mama Dinosaur having a conversation with Papa Dinosaur who is very angry. The reason, you might wonder??? Hmmm,…, the reason is little Baby Dinosaur Edward (yes, … Edward! 🙂 ).

Edward is a very cheeky dinosaur. You’ll have to watch the video to find out what he’s done to make Papa Dinosaur angry! Cheeky, cheeky little Edward!



The video shows you HOW!

It is really rather simple. Cut out the shapes, score and fold lines, tape heads to main body. Tape box (main body) closed and play!

Please watch the video for more detail!

And HERE are the printables for you!

International Paper Size A4

PikaBoo DinosaurFamily A4

PikaBoo DinosaurFamily COL A4

If you prefer a pdf file then click here for Colour and here for Black & White.

US Letter Size

PikaBoo DinosaurFamily USletter

PikaBoo Dinosaur Family Col USletter

 Rooooaaaarrrrrrrrr…Have fun playing!


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