Valentine’s Day – Swirling Flowers At Heart Card

Welcome to yet another making of a Pop-Up (Out???) Card!

Hattifant Swirling Flowers Pop Up CardThe children at the workshop absolutely loved it and of course I hope so do you!

1B_MainImageAnd here is how you make one yourself:

It is pretty easy! You`ll need:

  • scissors and/or cutting knife (proven easier for me for the heart spiral; but scissors work just as well!)
  • tape and/or glue (one-sided & two-sided tape)
  • bone folder (to crease lines nicely)
  • NO ruler 🙂 (no idea how that one got into the picture)

1_SFHvalentinsDownload the templates for Swirling Flowers At Heart and Envelope in A4 here.

Cut out all pieces so that you have three pieces in front of you.

2_ItemsNow it is time to cut the spiral into the heart by following the indicated lines you can already find on the heart itself!

3_SpiralCutIf you have been successful and not cut too far then it will look like this:

4_spiralThink of something nice to say to whomever you will be giving the card to and write your message into the oulined heart on Part (B).

5_writeMessageNow tape/glue the Top part onto the Back part. Be careful not to get any glue onto the heart spiral!!!

Now fold your envelope at the indicated lines and glue it shut. Well, leave one side open of course so that you can still put your card into the envelope.



E_Envelope3Enjoy making it and enjoy it even more when you see the smile of the person you’ll give it to!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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