Mermaid tails out of a sock

Oh my, what an afternoon we had today. And I cannot rest until I have shared this one with you!!!

See our little mermaid princess???

150509_mermaidPrincess_CGWhen I picked up my son from kindergarten, he was chatting away about socks and mermaids, socks and mermaids and I just couldn’t really make any sense of it. So I let it go until a bit later that afternoon I see him robbing around on the floor wearing ONE of his socks on BOTH feet pretending to be a merman (yes, indeed there is a male version of mermaid – I googled it and google is ALWAYS right lol). Although I could hardly stop laughing I quickly saved the poor sock from being turned into elephant foot wear and got out some of daddies’ socks.

Hattifant's Mermaid Tails out of socks

The girls joined in as well and soon we had a jolly merfolk floating around our place. They got so excited when I mentioned that we could go a little further and actually attach some “real” mermaid/-man tails. And when they learned that they could even decorate them at their pleasure I had hardly time to draw up the tails for them to get started.

And hence,…a new craft project came into existence. Thank you, my son! 🙂

Pssss…UPDATE – we have now opened up the Hattifant Mermaid Design Studio with colouring in tail printouts for all fashionable little mermaids who do not want to wear the same tail every day! Check for the link at the end of the page!!!

Hattifant’s Mermaid Tails out of a Sock

What you will need?

It is pretty simple:

  • a big sock
  • A3 sized paper (or tape 2 “normal” pages together)
  • colouring pens to decorate
  • and some tape to attach it to the sock later

First…find the right sock for you, I mean for the LO! 🙂

Hattifant's Mermaid Tails out of socks Hattifant's Mermaid Tails out of socks

Second…draw up a tail and cut it out (a real easy shape will do, don’t worry too much. It’s the decoration that makes it most beautiful and unique!!!)!

Hattifant's Mermaid Tails out of socks

Third…let the LO’s decorate to their heart’s desire (this could be a nice quiet moment for you to grap a cup of tea or coffee!!! Hint Hint)

Hattifant's Mermaid Tails out of socks

Forth…let them wait for eachother to start playing…

Hattifant's Mermaid Tails out of socks

And Fifth…don’t forget to take a picture of your merfolk!!! 🙂

Hattifant's Mermaid Tails out of socks Hattifant's Mermaid Tails out of socksAnd here is a little flap for you…


Yeap, the mermaid tail won’t last forever but it will serve for a fun filled afternoon with a bit of crafting and colouring and a lot more play!

Enjoy and let me know how it went for you!!!

Hattifant’s Mermaid Design Studio

Click on here or on the image below to get to our fancy flipper section for you to print out and colour in! Enjoy!

Hattifant's Mermaid Design Studio


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