Hattifant’s Endless Princesses Card

Are you ready for another fun paper toy? Great, me too!

There are two Hattifant family members who absolutely love princesses and so it doesn’t come as a surprise that an order (very politely put it must be said) came in to make something with princesses, loads of princesses. In fact,…, princesses “everywhere” if I recall correctly was the chosen term.

So we started thinking and drew a few princesses here and a few princesses there…and then yes, then the idea came… endless cards… endless princesses!


Find out more here!

And our Endless Princesses Card concept was born.

Enjoy a short video with our first endless princess card – the prototype so to speak!

And here is the version for you to make yourself, colour in and play with:

Hattifant’s Endless Princesses Card

Hattifant's Endless Princess Card

Hattifants Endless Princess Card


You want to make your own? Learn how to here:

You will need:

  • printable
  • scissors
  • folding bone/scoring knife to help fold paper more easily
  • glue or double sided tape

And here is what you do:

Download the printable by clicking on links in the required size.


These are high quality printouts which means they are also quite big in size. It could take a moment to download! 😉

(The printable is prepared so that you should be able to print on one A4 or US Letter page only – front and back. As all printers and programs you use work differently you might experience problems having images on front and back aligned perfectly. For instance when I print with my normal windows viewer it turns out fine. When using Photoshop printing the lines are off and hence the card of no use. Please try and if it doesn’t work for you then print off on two pages and glue them together.)

NEW – VIDEO TUTORIAL for Neverending Princess Card

I hope you have enjoyed the video! You can also follow this step-by-step photo tutorial below!

Photo tutorial for Neverending Princess Card

Then you simply start cutting out the card. First cut out both squares. Then, you cut both squares in halfs along the marked lines so that you’ll end up with 4 equally sized rectangles.
Hattifant's Endless Princess Card - Cut 1

Front of Card
Hattifant's Endless Princess Card - Cut 2

Back side of card
Hattifant's Endless Princess Card - Cut 3

Now you score the lines so that folding becomes easier and more precise afterwards.

Scoring Hattifant's Endless Princess Card

Scoring Hattifant's Endless Princess Card


Scoring Hattifant's Endless Princess Card

Now all that is left is to tape the pieces together the right way:

Tape Hattifant's Endless Princess Card

Tape Hattifant's Endless Princess Card

Tape Hattifant's Endless Princess Card

Hattifant's Endless Princess Card Tape

And now the 4th rectangle only left to tape on and done!

Hattifant's Endless Princess Card


Tip: Make your own blank version! So easy …

As it has been done before, no need to invent the wheel once again! Thanks to Cardmaking Downloads you can find a great tutorial here on how to make your own blank neverending card.



New customized Endless Card with 6 possible Illustrations

We had so much fun with the Endless Princess Card, so we looked for something similar. I surprised our girl with this card that features all her latest pieces of art. She was over the moon! 🙂

If you are interested in how to make such an endless card yourself then click here, Hattifant will show you in a video tutorial!!! 🙂


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