Heart Penguin Family

We are getting into Valentine spirit and started crafting our first Valentine gifts for friends and family.

150125_PenguinFamilyI had been venturing “the net” a bit and found a really cute craft idea by Michelle from Crafty Morning. Do have a little stroll around, there is some cute ideas on her blog!!! 🙂 Thank you, Michelle!

Our little ones loved the penguins. So we got started straight away. We decided on making a whole family and the kids thought they would like to accessorize as well. So the boys got some pants and hats, the girls skirts and bows.

150125_PenguinFamily_2150125_PenguinFamily_1 150125_PenguinFamily_2aFollow Michelles tutorial (see link above) and you’ll be all set for a fun filled crafty hour with your little ones.

It is pretty simple and straight forward:

– cut out an oval for the body of the penguin

– cut out a heart shape for the face (here white paper)

– and 3 smaller hearts that are used for nose and both feet.

That’s it and then get creative with the decorating! 🙂 And even more so the playing afterwards. We evenutally got to “5 little penguins were jumping on the bed, 1 fell off and bumped his/her head”… and so on and so on … (see below 🙂 )

150125_PenguinFamily_3Meet our Heart Penguin Family!

Happy CRAFTING wishes you the Hattifant family!


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