Hattifant`s hungry Turtle Family

Hattifant and his family have many friends that live all over the world.

Hattifant Mandala Turtle Family colour color as a kidscraft

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Hattifant’s Turtle Family

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Last week, a very old friend ‘Papa Turtle’ – well he was called Cooper before but now he usually reacts when someone shouts “Papa Turtle” – visited the Hattifant family.

Of course, he didn’t come alone but brought his whole family of six along.

Hattifant Mandala Turtle Family colour color as a kidscraftWell, maybe you can help counting, with Papa Turtle they are seven turtles all together. So there are:

  • Papa Turtle himself
  • Mama Turtle of course
  • Elisa, the oldest daughter (very smart and always elegant)
  • Sammy, the 2nd oldest child (and a little bit of a tomboy)
  • Richard, the bookwurm (but he is a turtle nevertheless)
  • Twinkles (who loves playing with Baby)
  • and Baby the youngest.

Thank goodness the Hattifant family was prepared and loaded the fridge with lots and lots of salad and spinach and even sea weed. The turtle family didn’t go hungry.

Hattifant Mandala Turtle Family colour color as a kidscraft

DOWNLOAD Hattifant’s Mandala Turtle Family HERE with ETSY



The Hattifant family learned a lot about turtles during this amazing visit. Papa Turtle is a teacher, so he could tell lots of stories with interesting information.

Did you know that turtles have been on earth for more than 200 million years? Some turtle species can live over 100 years! Amazing! They have a shell that protects them like a shield. Oh and the largest turtle ever found weighed over 900kg! Turtles can see pretty well and have an excellent sense of smell! But even more interesting is that the shell has nerve endings, too. So if you touch the shell of a turtle, it can feel that!

And here are some impressions of their visit:

Hattifant Mandala Turtle Family colour color as a kidscraft

Ooh and we did observe them sleeping, too. They love to cuddle up and actually sleep on top of eachother ^_^

Hattifant Mandala Turtle Family colour color as a kidscraft

DOWNLOAD Hattifant’s Mandala Turtle Family HERE

What?! You would like to be visited by this Turtle Family as well?! Well, you know… they are on a world trip. So they might just show up on your door step!

Make sure to have enough salad!!! 🙂

If you cannot wait long enough then why not start off with Tammy. Tammy is a cousin and she looks just like Baby, only, she is much older and allowed to travel for by herself already. She’ll be happy to visit straight away. She doesn’t even expect you to pay anything for her to show herself.

Hattifant Mandala Turtle Family colour color as a kidscraft Tammy

Download cousin Tammy, the Mandala Turtle (FREE)

Hmmm, you would like to design your own turtles?

Fantastic! Way to go! To design your own turtles can be even more fun! See?

Hattifant Mandala Turtle Family colour color as a kidscraft

When you design your turtles you might also want to create a place for them to sleep, some food, too?! 😉

Hattifant Mandala Turtle Family colour color as a kidscraft

So wow in the bundle you will receive all 7 members of the family in beautiful colored Mandala pattern AND all 7 turtles in black and white as a blank template for you to create your own patterns on the turtles. Color them YOUR WAY! 🙂

DOWNLOAD Hattifant’s Mandala Turtle Family HERE

HOW TO put your turtles together:

Simply download, print them on lightweight card stock, slightly heavier paper (120gsm-180gsm) and cut them out.

Then make one cut into the turtle like so…

How to cut the turtle

and then tape or glue the ends together…

How to tape the turtle

And done…ooh don’t forget to cut out some of the leaves!!! 😉

Most of all ENJOY! Happy crafting!

And ALWAYS HAPPY (deliriously happy) when I hear from you!!!

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