PAPER TOY | Easter Kaleidocycles to Color & Craft

Easter is near and with it a new Easter Paper Craft due! I made some new Easter Kaleidoycles, a paper toy that many of you might also know as Flextangle. Wishing you all a wonderful Easter break and holiday and hopefully you get some time to color and craft with family and friends! Here now are Hattifant’s new Easter Kaleidocycles!

If you are looking for some more flowers on your kaleidocycles, I have also created a Flower Kaleidocycle Paper Toy Bundle. The Easter Bundle is filled with bunnies, chicks & hens, sheep, Easter eggs and much more!

Flower flextangle colored by Hattifant

You are new to this craft and wondering what this ‘hexagon like’ 3D shaped paper thingy is? It is a 3D paper model for one and it is flexible, too. When constructed you will be able to turn the paper toy from one image to another. When you have ‘flipped’ through 4 images the first image will reappear with this particular kaleidocycle.

I have created quite a few Kaleidocycles by now: fun Animal ones to color, a fabulous Pattern series, Christmas, the Flower Bundle mentioned before and many more.


You will need:

  • printable (find turquoise DOWNLOAD BUTTON further below)
  • 120gsm paper (normal computer paper is about 80gsm)
  • coloring pens
  • scoring tool and safety mat
  • scissors
  • glue/tape

Enjoy and learn with these Video Tutorials on how to make your own:

and another one here:

Ready to grab your own Easter Kaleidocycle Paper Craft Bundle?


You will receive:

  • 5 unique Easter themed Kaleidocycle designs to Color In + a blank version (to create your own designs!)
  • Instruction Booklet, links to posts & Video Tutorials
  • a cute little BONUS and a HUGE Thank you!

(The Bonus this time is a cute Easter Bunny Corner Bookmark. The ears will poke out of your book when closed.)


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