St.Andrews International School Bangkok – Term I 2013


Friday, 15 November 2013

This week was all about fish! We made an aquarium (fish tank) out of a tissue box. I found some amazing images from the ocean on the internet which give the aquarium a “real” feel to it.

It was one of the more difficult crafty afternoons but well worth it.

Aquarium1_web Aquarium2_web Aquarium3_webTo find out how to make on click here!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Sweet Disguise…or how would you like to enjoy your lollipop?

Find template and instructions here!

Also, there is a dress up section where you can find more fun ideas to disguise and dress up!

131108_SweetDisguise 131108_SweetDisguise_1 131108_SweetDisguise_2 131108_SweetDisguise_3 131108_SweetDisguise_4 131108_SweetDisguise_5 131108_SweetDisguise_6 131108_SweetDisguise_7 131108_SweetDisguise_8

Friday, 1 November 2013

Today was all about love…

131101_GiantHugCard131030_EgiantHug_sWhy GIANT??? Because we’ll measure and use the original size of arms and hands to create our hugs!!! The heart turns into an envelope when folded up.

131030_EgiantHugPrep_sWe made a GIANT Hug Card for loved ones. Creativity had no ends! 🙂 I am afraid that some might have received rather scary hugs. Too close to Halloween some might say!!! 😉

Here are some impressions of our afternoon:

131101_GiantHugCard1 131101_GiantHugCard2 131101_GiantHugCard4 131101_GiantHugCard5131101_GiantHugCard3

To find out how to make your own Hug Card click here!

Friday, 18 October 2013

The girls were waiting for this one: the Cardboard Dollhouse! Obviously not necessarily of interest to the boys. Here, we had an early Halloween Craft Party which included making their own Haunted House, eye balls & spiders. Yikes!!! 😉

Hattifant’s Travel Doll House

and Hattifant’s HAUNTED HOUSE, eyeballs & spiders for the tuff ones:


Friday, 11 October 2013

Since everybody loved the milk bottle Animal Mobilé so much we decided to venture a bit further and made Flower Treasure Boxes, Bracelets & Crowns.

Set131011_GroupAtWork 131011_AllSmiles 131011_MoonaCrafting 131011_PureConcentration 131011_Fasaih 131011_craftingFlowerBox 131011_Thee 131011_GirlsPresent

Friday, 4 October 2013

This weeks crafty afternoon was centered around juice cartons/boxes! We had a closer look at Disney’s Fun Magazine Feature: Juice Carton Wallet!


I found the template on the now closed Disney’s crafty website ‘Spoonful’. I will look into recreating the template so you get to make your juice box wallet also.

All this out of an ordinary juice box like this one below!


Our Hattifant Detective Constables thought this was a really cool craft! We went on to decorate our wallets with glitter sticky paper! 😉

Friday, 20 September 2013

Today was all about plastic milk bottle art. The students learned that not only could they make a mobilé (which we did during the class) but also crowns, bracelets and boxes.

AnimalMobile130920_Group1 130920_HeroMMobile 130920_FahsaiMobile 130920_OmarMobile 130920_FreshMobile 130920_Group2If you would like to learn how to make your very own Mobilé then click here!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Today, we explored Hattifant’s newest Stackandala Set – Stackandala Memory!

StackandalaMemory_SummaryThe students first built giant towers and other sculptures. Then they started to colour in the black and white discs. Of course they could take their very own set home with them to further enjoy and also play memory with it.

130913_HattifantsCraftyAfternoon130913_HattifantsCraftyAfternoon2 130913_M_MemoryStackandala 130913_Omar_MemoryStackandala130913_Group3_S1

Tuesday, 10 Sept 2013

I am so looking forward to seeing you all this Friday! Have a lovely week until then!

Best, Manja

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