Hattifant’s Magic Mermaid World

The mermaids Arianna, Elena and Blossom finally decided to resume their travels throughout the world. They really enjoyed their stay here in Bangkok. But are out to find new friends and maybe their Prince Charming?!

Hattifant's MagicMermaidWorld - meet the MermaidsIt has been a big project, this one, and I really really hope you will fall in love with this Paper Toy Set just as our family did. There is so much to do…to craft, to color, to play, to make up stories… You name it!

It is truely a magical set full of surprises. Learn how our little mermaids can turn into princesses or more modern girls. Have them swim through the Magic Gate and see what happens! 😉 Will they find their Prince Charming or rather play happily with their friend Estelle, the little dolphin?! You could ask the Wise Shell, this one usually knows the answer!

Hattifant's MagicMermaidWorld_Set with Elena, the mermaid

Hattifant’s Magic Mermaid World

But first things first! May I introduce you to our three mermaids (from the left) Arianna, Blossom and Elena and of course not to forget Prince Edwin in between:

Hattifant's Magic Mermaid World - meet the mercrowd


Princess Elena

Hattifant's Mermaids - Elena

Princess Arianna

Hattifant's Mermaids - Arianna

Princess Blossom

Hattifant's Mermaids - Blossom

The mermaids come to you in black and white so that you can color them in! They love to have different designs on their tails. So each mermaid comes with an individual pattern or you can choose to create your own mermaid outfit by simply choosing the “blank” version.

Hattifant's Mermaids - with and without pattern…time to color…

Hattifant's Mermaids - Coloring time

In the set you will find detailed information on how to craft your own mermaid! And when you have assembled your mermaid it is time to think of what she will be wearing when having “proper” legs!

Again you can design your very own or choose one of the many available combinations that are part of the package. Here are the tops that you can color and combine with the long dress or short skirt/dress in case you want you mermaid to show off her legs! 🙂

Hattifant's Mermaids - outfits tops

 Some combinations we chose:

Hattifant's Mermaids - outfits…and some more…

Hattifant's Mermaids - outfits

…and with the long dresses…

Hattifant's Mermaids - outfits

They great thing about all this is that you can print off as many mermaids as you like and always choose new outfits to go with!


Is this ALL?! NOOOOOO! There is a lot of imagination in our home and everybody came up with some more great ideas! So lets show you what else we’ve got:

THE Extras

MagicMermaidWorld_acessoiresOn top of all the mermaid craft fun we are delighted for you to meet

  • Prince Charming (he doesn’t like that too much…call him Edwin! 😉 )
  • Estelle, the little dolphin
  • the very important Magic Gate to transform the mermaids into princesses (with legs)
  • and the Wise Shell that can tell the future

Prince Edwin

Hattifant's Magic Mermaid World - Prince Edwin


Estelle, the Dolphin on “Dolphin Corals” Stand

Hattifant's Magic Mermaid World - Dolphin

Magic Gate

Hattifant's Magic Mermaid World - Magic Gate

Wise Shell

Hattifant's Magic Mermaid World - Wise Shell…and from the outside…(you can choose to create your own design, too!)

Hattifant's Magic Mermaid World - Wise Shell

Now what do you think?! Isn’t this a great set?

Do you want to get started coloring?

Coloring with Hattifant - Magic Mermaid WorldCreate your own designs? Doodle away!

Hattifant's Magic Mermaid WorldWant to play?

Hattifant's Magic Mermaid WorldHattifant's Magic Mermaid World Hattifant's Magic Mermaid World


For an exchange of a couple of coins (5 USD) this set is all yours for personal use.  Many thanks for your interest and please do let me know what you think! Always love to hear from you!



A little extra bonus for you and NOW included in the printables also!

We made some mini mermaids that are approximately 12cm/ 5 inches that turned out really cute. (Hence the name! 😉 ) They are particularly practical for traveling. Into a postcard sized envelope and of they went with us to the restaurant to be decorated and played with while waiting for our food!

Hattifant's Mermaid Cuties


Hattifant's Magic Mermaid World Coloring page and Papercraft

With many thanks to Ann from doodlesandjots who had the initial idea for this special kind of mermaid!

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