Hattifant’s stylish Animal Zentangle Binoculars

Our smallest Hattifant family member came home from nursery one day and brought with him binoculars they had made by themselves. They looked pretty cool and I thought what a great idea and so quick to make. Quite a simple craft to do together with a toddler, a small toddler – ok, a young version of a toddler. 🙂 (Just make sure not to staple the little hands on to the binoculars while fixing the rolls!)

Hattifant's cool Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars to DIY

So Hattifant was keen to bring out his own version of it! Stylish and chic it had to be & even quicker to make in case it was part of a kids party and not much time left. Or the kids rather want to use and play with the binoculars and not spend all party long crafting. Fun as it is, the play time is just as important, especially during a party, right?!

Hattifant's Animal Zentangle Binoculars
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So I sat down and created a pattern. Ladybirds were demanded, snails (in particular one with a real house! – Can you find it???) had to follow and obviously butterflies. All these are beautiful to spot and observe with binoculars, hence they had to be ON the binoculars, too!

“Ok, ok” – Mama Hattifant said, “will do, will do!” Our Hattifant children were happy with the result (as you can see above) what about you?!

What do you think? Stylish enough?

Hattifant's Animal Zentangle Binoculars Hattifant's Animal Zentangle Binoculars

Hattifant's Animal Zentangle Binoculars

Hattifant's Animal Zentangle Binoculars

You want to make some, too?! Exactly like that?! Ok, fantastic!

Then lets get going… here is how:



Download the template by clicking on the image below:

Hattifant's Animal Zentangle Binoculars

If you would like a colouring in page with this stylish pattern then click on the image below:

Hattifant's Colouring In Page Animal Zentangle

And have fun! As always I look forward to hearing from you! Get in touch! Make my day!


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