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Welcome to Hattifant’s Décor and Nursery & Kids room Interior Design department!

Making our homes beautiful… who doesn’t want to call a space of his/her own that represents his/her very own style? Where one can find peace at heart? So that when you step into your house, flat or room you smile, all the burdens of life start tumbling off your shoulders and you know where you are: Home.

This part of Hattifant’s website shows you crafts, art and ideas in general that might just help you to personalize your space, make it more your own. We won’t just stick to nurseries and children rooms, although of course this part of home stands in the center of attention.

So enjoy and explore!

Decorative Items

Culinary Decoration

Spring Cupcake Toppers

Hattifant Cupcake Toppers Spring Flowers Ladybird Butterfly


Lili Magnets

Hattifant's Lili Magnets

Mandala Magnets

Hattifant's Mandala Magnets


Seasonal Décor

GIANT Paper Snowflakes

Hattifant - GIANT Paper Snowflakes3D Paper Christmas Tree Scenes

Hattifant - 3D Paper Christmas TreesChristmas Tree Cone Set

Hattifant Christmas Tree Cone Set to ColorAdvent Calendar Coloring Page

Hattifants Advent Calendar Woodland Cuties to Color

Nursery & Kids room Interior Design

There are amazing nursery and children rooms out there and it is quite easy to either get everything ready and cozy for the baby to join the family or to fulfill your toddlers dreams of e.g.  a princess room or the life in a jungle.

Let me help you along the way and give you ideas. Lets get inspired! Lets make magic!

Wall Décor

Name Décor

Hattifant's Name Décors

Growth Charts

Hattifant's Jungle Growth Chart

Art Prints

Hattifant's Art Prints - Charlie, the monkey

Wall Stickers

Hattifant Wallstickers

Cardboard Furniture

Mimi, the Car

Hattifant's Cardboard Furniture Mimi, the Car

Thomas, the Train

Hattifant's Cardboard Furniture Thomas, the Train

Flower Shelf

Hattifant's Flower Shelf

House Bed

Hattifant's Housebed

Oven & Sink

Hattifant's Kitchen Set

Cradle I

Hattifant's Moving Box Cradle


Hattifant's Oven


Hattifant's Sink

Cradle II

Hattifant's Cradle

Cheese Table

Hattifant's Cheesetable accompanied by two mouse chairs and figures

Kingston Chair

Hattifant's Boy Mouse Chair, Kingston


Hattifant's Girl Mouse Chair, Lilita

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