Giant Heart Hug

131030_EgiantHug_s GiantHugCard

This project is a combination of two great projects I found on fantastic crafty sites:

The idea on how to turn a heart into an envelope was demonstrated on Craftside!

heartenvelopeYou can find a link for a template for the heart on Craftside!

The second great project “Send a hug” was shown by the “Roots & Wings Co” Sisters.

Rootwingsco I loved the idea of the original size of hands and arms transferred on to paper by the creator of the card. And to actually send a heart that turns into an envelope made the project complete.

Here is how we did it:

131030_EgiantHug_s GiantHugCard GiantHugCard_1Cut out a heart shape to your liking. GiantHugCard_2 Outline it on the paper that will become your heart envelope.GiantHugCard_3 GiantHugCard_4Draw your portrait. GiantHugCard_5 Not the fun part: Outline your arms and hands. Get help from a friend!!! 🙂GiantHugCard_6 GiantHugCard_7Glue everything on to the heart envelope and fold the heart together as shown on on the template by Craftside.

Off the hug goes to the post office and to someone you love.

We did this project as part of Hattifant’s Crafty Afternoon at St. Andrews International School. Some of the children wanted to send a Pumpkin Hug, others a normal giant envelope. Others again had a very interesting view of themselves. Hence we had a few scary hugs! 😉 Why, well, it was the day right after Halloween!


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