Hattifant’s Stripy Animal Kaleidocycle

Finally,…, hurray,…, a new Kaleidocycle for you to enjoy!

Hattifant's Kaleidocycle Flextangle Stripy Animals

If you have not heard of Kaleidocycles or Flextangles before then you HAVE TO head over to Hattifant’s main page for Kaleidocycles first for videos and tutorial!

It is a brilliant toy, quite easy to craft with your little ones. You can design your own, you can choose a template to colour in or you might just be happy to make a ready made colorful Hattifant Kaleidocycle. It is all there and there are loads more out there in the www! 😉

But here and now it’s all about Hattifant`s stripy cuties!

Hattifant’s Stripy Animal Kaleidocycle / Flextangle

Stripy Cat, Croco, Owl and Monkey are ready to play with you.

Watch this video to see the toy in action but also to have a little laugh about the fun one has when involving little ones in the making of a craft video! (See “Deleted scenes” at the end of the short video!) 😉



Hattifant Stripy Animal Kaleidocycle with owl monkey crocodile and cat

Hattifant’s Stripy Animals Kaleidocycle A4 in JPG or PDF

Hattifant’s Stripy Animal Kaleidocycle US LETTER in JPG or PDF


Head over to Hattifant’s main page for Kaleidocycles and Flextangles. Here you will find all you need in terms of video and pictures and loads of tips on how to make your own kaleidocycle paper toy!

Enjoy the crafting and the playing afterwards!

 You can also find these cuties as coloring pages! Don’t miss it! Turn them into Sun Catchers, frame them and put them up in your babies room! Simply, have fun and enjoy. I hope these stirpy animals will make you smile!

Hattifant's Stripy Animals Coloring Pages

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