Hattifant’s FAVE Craftstick Crafts

Remember I made this EASTER Egg Surprise Craft using CRAFTSTICKS???

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Pretty cool, right?

With it though I had many many more craft sticks available and lucky me I have blogger friends who love crafting with me and also made some cute craft stick “thingies”. And those I have to share with you. Enjoy!

Hattifant's Craft Stick Favorites Crafts

So here it goes…

Craft Stick Crocodiles by Easy Peasy and Fun

Probably one of my favorite craft stick ideas is this one from Andreja!

Hattifant's Craft Stick Favorites Crafts

Craft Sticks Bookmarks

Always a fun way to use craft sticks and such great ideas out there. My 2 favorites are these ones…

Hattifant's Craft Stick Favorites Crafts

This one by Stephanie from Swoodsonsays.com (above) and the cuties over on Menuchas blog Moms & Crafters (below).

Hattifant's Craft Stick Favorites Crafts

A Craft Stick Wall Hanging by Jen from Mum in the Madhouse

I simply love this creative idea. And there is so much freedom for creativity in it, too. Kids can explore all sorts of patterns and experiment. Fun!

Hattifant's Craft Stick Favorites Crafts

A Fairy Door by Adventure-In-A-Box

Ha…a fairy door made out of craft sticks. Who would have thought… sooo cute!

Hattifant's Craft Stick Favorites Crafts

Clay Puppets by Incredibusy

I love Ali’s arts and crafts. They are a bit different. They make me look twice when seeing her work!

Hattifant's Craft Stick Favorites Crafts

Craft Stick Robots by I heart crafty things

Love this one and even more so because it really attracts both boys and girls. And you get to draw all sorts of funny faces! Hey, you can make some very emotional robots!!!

Hattifant's Craft Stick Favorites Crafts

A little bit more on the seasonal side! Yes we ARE CLOSE TO EASTER after all!


We’ve got this cute Easter Surprise Egg craft 😉

Surprise Egg Craft Sticks by Hattifant

Hattifant's Easter Surprise Egg Papercraft to Color Printables Craft Sticks

Popsicle Chicks by Red Ted Art

These just make me giggle.

Hattifant's Craft Stick Favorites CraftsEaster Boxes by Pinkstripeysocks

Aren’t these adorbale. Love the bunny one! My kids would really enjoy this craft. (note to self: Buy more craft sticks)

Hattifant's Craft Stick Favorites Crafts

Flower Craft Sticks by Messy Little Monster

This one is such a fun activity for little ones. You’ve got to check out HOW they get the paint onto the flower petals!!! ^_^

Hattifant's Craft Stick Favorites Crafts

Aren’t these such fun Craft Stick Projects. I cannot wait to make them. I wonder which ones my little ones will pick first…


Easter & Spring Crafts

Hattifant Easter crafts for 2016 summaryStripy Animals Endless Card

Hattifant's Stripy Animal Endless Card or Neverending Card a coloring page

EMPOWERING Endless Cards

Hattifant's Empowering Endless Cards to color and craft

Mandala Endless Card

Hattifant's Mandala Endless Card to Color and Craft

My Coloring Book

Hattifant's newest Coloring Book Inkpsiraitons Love by Design illustrated by Manja BurtonMandala Bookmarks

Hattifant's Flower and Mandala Bookmarks to color free printable coloring page

Angel Luminaries Papercraft

Hattifant's Angel and Starmaiden Luminary Papercraft LED LightMandala Luminary

Hattifant 3d Paperart led candle night light to diy

55 FREE Coloring PAGES

Hattifant's Coloring Tribe Round Up with 55 free Coloring Pages


 …foldable ENDLESS CARD…

 Triskele Paper Globes to Color

Triskele Paper Globes 3D coloring Coloring page paper craft

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