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Hattifant's Craft Stick Favorites Crafts

Hattifant’s FAVE Craftstick Crafts

Remember I made this EASTER Egg Surprise Craft using CRAFTSTICKS??? Ein Beitrag geteilt von Hattifant (@hattifant) am 14. Mär 2017 um 1:27 Uhr Pretty cool, right? With it though I had many many more craft sticks available and lucky me I have blogger friends who love crafting with me and …

Hattifant Easter crafts for 2016 summary

Easter and Spring Crafts in 2016

Spring is near and Easter is here! Here is a quick summary of what Hattifant has on offer for you in case the holidays get too boring or you simply have craft withdrawal symptoms! Easter and Spring Crafts in 2016 Our latest Easter Craft additions are: Easter Egg Automobiles Lots …