Gorgeous DIY Flower Doodle Corner Bookmarks

Many of us love reading. And with it comes the necessity of bookmarks to stay organized and on the right page. I can never have enough of them and especially handmade bookmarks are my favorite as they carry memories of time spent with family and friends while creating. They also make fabulous gifts for fellow book worms. So let me introduce to you Hattifant’s DIY Flower Doodle Corner Bookmarks.

I have created 5 different beautiful Flower Doodle Designs two of which also have cute little ladybirds. And one of the Ladybird Flower Doodle Corner Bookmarks also has got four leaved clovers! One can never have enough luck, right?!

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Flower Doodle Corner Bookmarks TO COLOR IN!

Each design in the DIY Flower Doodle Corner Bookmarks Bundle comes with 2 variations. You can choose to color each design with black background or simply just the line art and you can choose the background color yourself. Having a black background makes it easier to color in the design and if you are up for a little challenge then choose the later option.

Flower Doodle Corner Bookmarks IN COLOR!

I have created a COLORED DIY Flower Doodle Corner Bookmarks Bundle also for those who enjoy Hattifant designs but don’t/can’t color (as much anymore). We all have busy lives, I totally get that. Thank you to those reaching out asking for this.

Each of the 5 designs comes in 4 different color options:

  • natural colors & black outline
  • natural colors & white outline
  • violet and Spring green
  • blues & turquoise colors


  • choose your Flower Doodle Corner Bookmark Bundle [COLORING IN] or [COLORED] version
  • download the Flower Doodle Corner Bookmark Bundle,
  • print out PDF files on 120-180 gsm paper,
  • color in your bookmarks (if this is your bundle option)
  • cut out bookmarks,
  • score two lines and then fold those
  • add glue to flap and glue shut the bookmark.

Here is a little video on how I colored and made mine. I used mostly my Sakura Watercolors Brush Pens which I love. They are bright and flow easy over the paper. Sakura has got a beautiful color palette.

Ready to make your own?! Then head over to either Gumroad or Etsy and download your bundle.

If you chose the coloring in version I would suggest to start with coloring first and then craft the bookmark.

Then score the center of the half circle shaped bookmark and score the flap. When completed cut out the bookmark along the lines.

Fold flap and bookmark center, add glue to the flap and glue shut the Flower Doodle Corner Bookmark. DONE! Easy, right?!

PRINTABLES for DIY Flower Doodle Corner Bookmarks

You will receive in PDF format:

  • A Welcome Note & Thank You (another little craft you will love)
  • Flower Doodle Corner Bookmarks in PDF format (please scroll through the PDF to find all. If you print on US Letter size paper then please adjust your printer settings to “Fit to page”)


Flower Doodle Corner Bookmarks are to color in. You will receive 5 different designs each with and without black background.


Flower Doodle Corner Bookmarks are IN COLOR. You will receive 5 different designs each with 4 different color schemes.

Have the most of fun coloring and crafting these beautiful DIY Flower Doodle Corner Bookmarks. Wishing you all a wonderful Spring, Summer, and holiday. And remember:

“In a world where you can be anything, be KIND!”


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