Hattifant’s Kaleidocycle

It is definetely time for a new paper toy! Let’s get crafty!

Hattifant's Kaleidocycle

Hattifant’s Kaleidocycle

I recently came across these amazing hexagon shaped paper figures that one can swirl around and new pictures appear and old ones reappear endlessly. Our little ones were just as fascinated. Hence, Hattifant produced its very own – Hattifant’s Kaleidocycles.



And here are our Hattifant designs

Hattifant Valentine Kaleidocycle
Hattifant’s Kaleidocycle Valentine’s Day


Hattifant's Kaleidocycle Mandala Coloring In Version
Hattifant’s Kaleidocycle Mandala Colour In

Hattifant's Kaleidocycle Animals
Hattifant’s Kaleidocycle Animals


 By others

Kaleidocycle Frozen
Kaleidocycle Frozen

Kaleidocycle Action Heroes
Kaleidocycle Action Heroes

Before I show you how to make one yourself, here is an amazing link to share with you. Oh no, please don’t worry, I do not earn any money with it. But it’s just too cool not to be shared. It is such a great idea. On Foldplay  you can upload your own art and images to make a truly unique Kaleidocycle: your very own!!! Check it out!

And here is how it’s done:

You’ll need:

  • Print out of your favorite design (click on images above to download)
  • scoring tool (I use an old pen that doesn’t write anymore!!!)
  • scissors
  • tape (one sided and two sided) or glue
  • (colour pens in case you choose a particular couloring in design)

Step 1

Print off design, (colour in) and cut out the toy.

Hattifant's Kaleidocycle MaterialsStep 2

Score all vertical and diagonal lines for easier folding afterwards.

Hattifant's Kaleidocycle ScoringStep 3

Fold the vertical lines.

Hattifant's Kaleidocycle Folding A…the diagonal side of one direction…

Hattifant's Kaleidocycle Folding B…and the other direction.

Hattifant's Kaleidocycle Folding CStep 4

Now turn the toy towards the “back side” and find the ends (hills) that will be glued onto the “glue” part.

Tape or glue sides together. I found it easier using double sided tape for the insides.

Hattifant's Kaleidocycle Glueing

It will now look like this !

Hattifant's Kaleidocycle SnakeStep 5

Now only the ends will have to be put together. Again you can either glue or tape. I stuck the ends into the other end of the “snake” and taped it on both sides.

Hattifant's Kaleidocycle Finishing TouchThat’s it! Time to PLAY!

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, please don’t hesitate to drop a line! I always love to hear from you! It makes my day! ;-)

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