3D FRAMES | Valentine’s Day Greetings to Color

I am bursting with excitement!!! But take a look yourself!

Hattifant's 3D Frames Valentine's Day Greetings to Color

I am in love and I hope you will be, too! I designed little picture frames for you that you can put together WITHOUT glue or tape! This is really really so cool! 🙂 (Sorry! Probably not the best choice of words! LOL)

Hattifant's 3D Frames Valentine's Day Greetings to Color Example

But not only that! They are simply beautiful! And what a gift they will make! You can color them, choose one of the illustrations given here with the templates or choose your very own photo! You can leave a note on the back of the frame, too!

Hattifant's 3D Frames Valentine's Day Greetings to Color choices

There are 4 hearts, 4 Mandala Flowers and 4 Mandalas with either “Best Friends Forever”, “Thank You”, “I love You” or “Be-You-tiful”!

These illustrations you can add to the available frames!

Hattifant's 3D Frames Valentine's Day Greetings to Color choices

There are 5 different FRAMES available. One of the frames – as you can see in the picture – you may choose to have the wording “You Can”, “Thank You” or “Be-You-tiful” to go along. So all together you have 8 frames to “work” with.

Hattifant's 3D Frames Valentine's Day Greetings to Color

Of course, I created a video for you to see these frames and show you how you can make them yourselves!

Are you ready to create your own little mountain of frames, wishes and greetings?

Hattifant's 3D Frames Valentine's Day Greetings to Color Stack of Frames

I will be making these for friends and family this year! So hush hush! Mom – yes, YOU – look the other way! Or act surprised when you see your little present on Valentine’s Day! 🙂

Hattifant's 3D Frames Valentine's Day Greetings to Color BeYoutiful

So with no further ado… let’s take you to the download section!

Hattifant's 3D Paper Cut 3D Frame Set Spring Feel Pin3

Psssst… there is a new 3D Frame Set now available: Hattifant’s Paper Cut 3D Frame Spring Feel Set!


In order to download the 3D Frames Valentine’s Day Greetings Bundle click HERE or on the image below!

Hattifant's 3D Frames Valentine's Day Greetings to Color

With this bundle you will receive:

  • 5 different frames to craft and color
  • one of these frames available with wording “You Can”, “Thank You”, “Be-You-tiful” – so another 3 frames
  • 8 illustrations (4 hearts, 4 Mandala Flowers, 4 Mandalas with wording “Thank You”, “Best Friends Forever”, “I love you”, “Be-You-tiful”)

As always I hope you will enjoy this coloring craft! I love designing fun things to color and especially those to give away as gifts. Share your creations in social media and please tag me so that I get to see it, too!


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