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It is time for Spring – certainly for me it is! ^_^ I am in need of some flowers and… always of bookmarks! So why not create ourselves some new absolutely gorgeous ones. Join me?!

Hattifant's Flower and Hearts Bookmarks ready for Valentine

I so very much enjoyed creating these bookmarks and to then color them!!!

Hattifant's Flower and Hearts Bookmarks ready for Valentine sketch

And your response when I showed you all the above picture on Facebook and Instagram… I knew then that I quickly had to get them ready as a printable so that you also could start coloring your own!

Hattifant's Flower and Hearts Bookmarks ready for Valentine Process

I love water colors… so for sure tried those on these bookmarks. In the end it turned into a multimedia projects with aquarell coloring pencils, water colors, acrylic paint, permanent markers and gel pens.

Hattifant's Flower and Hearts Bookmarks ready for Valentine Example for aquarell coloring pencils

The dark blue background here I created with a typical blue permanent marker for the office. Not (yet ^_^) being an expert with water colors I enjoy coloring with aquarell coloring pencils and then gently go over it with a water filled brush.

Hattifant's Flower and Hearts Bookmarks ready for Valentine

Pretty neat, right? Do you want to see what the other bookmarks turned into?

Hattifant's Flower and Hearts Bookmarks ready for Valentine

Yes, yes, I will stop talking and not show you the other hundred pictures I took. Lets get you to download your templates to color them in your style. Share your ideas, your WIP (work in progress) or finished art work with me! I enjoy it so much to hear from you!


The little bundle includes these beautiful 4 bookmarks as coloring pages in A4 and US Letter format. Easy to print and download is available straight after payment.

I have further included these bookmarks as an already colored version as seen in the pictures. They are double sided. You only have to cut them out, fold and glue together. So you will have a bookmark with the design on the front and back!


Hattifant's Flower and Hearts Bookmarks ready for Valentine

Have a wonderful time coloring these! These Flower & Hearts Bookmarks also make a perfect gift for Valentines Day!!! 😉

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