PAPER CUT | 3D Frame Spring Feel

I have a new Paper Cutting Craft for you! Hurray! It is a new 3D Paper Frame Set of three beautiful little frames for you this time to paper cut: Hattifant’s Paper Cut 3D Frame Spring Feel.

They really aren’t very tricky to make and don’t require any enormous paper cutting skills. I am just a beginner myself and managed just fine. ^_^

Just a little patience for the cutting which me in fact relaxes most. The end result is darling, you will see.

There are 3 different frames on offer: a Mandala frame, one frame with a butterfly and the third with Mandala, leaves and flowers.

You are wondering how to make your own? Well, here it goes:

  • Get your printables (see link further below).
  • Cut out the frame template.
  • Color in the little pattern offered.
  • Score all necessary vertical and horizontal lines prior folding for accuracy (Do not fold yet!)
  • Time to paper cut.
  • When all the cutting is done add any 3D paint/gel if you like.
  • I suggest to now put the frame together once and then gently open up again.
  • We now push out gently all 3D elements (e.g. leaves, petals). See the picture on how to roll the petals a little to make them look natural.
  • Final step: put together the frame once and for! DONE!

Congrats! ^_^


  • 120gsm Paper
  • Craft knive/scalpel
  • Scoring tool and safety mat
  • Pen or similar round object to bring flower petals into shape
  • Coloring Pens

I always feel tempted to push all 3D elements into place as soon as I cut them out. DO NOT do that for the obvious reason: they will get in your way when you still have to keep on cutting and you might break or bend the leaves and petals in ways you do not wish.

Hattifant's 3D Paper Cut 3D Frame Set Spring Feel WIP2

If you prefer watching a video of how to make 3D Paper Frames then you can find it HERE.


I have added this 3D Paper Cut 3D Frame Spring Feel Set to both Hattifant’s online shops:



You will receive 3 PDF files with these beautiful 3D Paper Cut Frames!

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