Mandala Therapy – Coloring Pages

You all know I am IN LOVE with MANDALAS! And I KNOW so many of you are as well.

So it won’t come to you as a surprise if I present you with another two gorgeous Mandala coloring pages.

Hattifant half and full mandala Coloring Pages

Mandala Therapy – Coloring Pages

I cannot wait for you to get yours and start colouring! And when you have completed your art and would like to share it with me and others why not post with #hattifant and #coloringtribe on to Facebook?

We have a lovely Coloring Group on Facebook called “Coloring Tribe Group – Coloring Pages for Adults”. Join us. We love seeing you there to enjoy coloring and art in general together!

Now lets get you started on these beautiful Mandalas.

PRINTABLES for Mandala Therapy – Coloring Pages

Hattifant half mandala Coloring PageI will be trying a couple of my pens on this. I tend to combine all in one coloring page. For example I like to put a first layer on with my Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pens and then while the paper is still moist from the Brush Pen I put in details such as shading with my Staedtler Aquarell coloring pens. In the Half Mandala here I also used a golden Gel pen!

Hop on over to Gumroad to get your Half Mandala Coloring Page!

Hattifant half mandala Coloring Page

And as you further know me I love working together with my blogger friends. Maggy from Red Ted Art has many many lovely adult coloring pages on her website for you, too.

Hattifant’s Full Mandala Coloring Page will be finding a permanent home there!

Hattifant full mandala Coloring Page

Click here to get to this beautiful Full Mandala by visiting RedTedArt.

Now having started with these lovely Mandalas above I would like to point you in the direction of some other lovely Mandala Coloring Pages I have created for you.

Coloring Flowers

160210_ColorTribe_7_webHere are beautiful Mandalas for you to SEND to your loved ones! Coloring with purpose I say! 😉

Mandala Cards

Hattifant - Mandala Cards Coloring Set

I create a Mandala for you EVERY month as a CALENDAR page! Did you know???

Mandalendar 2016

Hattifant Mandalendar Calendar Coloring Page 2016 July

Hattifant Mandalendar Calendar Coloring Page 2016 June

Hattifant Mandalendar Calendar Coloring Page 2016 May

Hattifant Mandalendar Calendar Coloring Page 2016

Hattifant's Mandalendar March 2016 Mandala Coloring Page

Hattifant Mandalendar FEBRUARY

Hattifant Mandalendar 2016

I have created these Mandala Flowers for you as a normal sized coloring page and as a GIANT poster for some family and party fun!

Stress Relief Mandala Flowers

Hattifant's Stress Relief Mandala Flowers to Color Giant Mandala Flower Doodle Poster

Hattifant's Giant Mandala Doodle Flower PosterOf course our little Mandala Turtle shall not be forgotten!!!

Mandala Turtle

Hattifant's Mandala Turtle to color and craft for adults and grown ups a papercraft or papertoy


Stress Relief LOTUS Mandala

Hattifant's Stress Relief LOTUS Mandala

Stress Relief Doodle Mandala

Hattifant's Stress Relief Doodle Mandala

Valentine Mandalas


Mandala Kaleidocycle

Hattifant's Kaleidocycle to Colour In

And if you are interested head over to find all Hattifant’s coloring pages here:

Stress Relief with Coloring

Hattifant's Coloring Pages

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