Four Seasons Tree Endless Card

Welcome to a beautiful FOUR SEASONS paper craft! As many of us, I LOVE the change of seasons! An Endless Card or also called Infinity Card can show off this change of season just perfectly!

Hattifant's Four Seasons Endless Card

So, I am very excited to present to you today Hattifant’s Four Seasons Tree Endless Card!!! It has been so much fun creating this card and it gave us lots of opportunity to discuss all seasons in detail!

Hattifant's Four Seasons Endless Card creation process

What colors represent each different season? How are we going to color each season? What medium will we use? And we discovered that not only did we choose different colors, we also wanted to use colored pencils and water colors for one season and rather more thick lush paint for another.

Hattifant's Four Seasons Endless Card Coloring

But you are still wondering what I am talking about? You have never heard of an Endless or Infinity Card before? Not to worry!!! Watch the video below and be prepared for your jaw to drop! Because these cards are GENIUS!!!


Hattifant's Four Seasons Endless Card

You will need:

  • Printables (see further below)
  • Paper (100-120gsm)
  • Coloring pens, paints such as poster color, water colors, acrylics
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Watch this VIDEO TUTORIAL and follow me along while a show you step by step how to make your own FOUR SEASONS Endless Card!

Let’s get you the printables!


Simply click on the image below or the link below to get your templates!

Hattifant's Four Seasons Papercraft Bundle


With this bundle you will receive:

  • Template for the BIG and small 4 Seasons Endless Card IN Color and TO Color IN
  • 2 different templates for the season Summer to choose from (apples or flowers)
  • Templates with a BLANK Tree version to create your very own scenery (also in BIG and small)
  • All 4 Seasons plus BLANK Tree as COLORING PAGES!
  • Lots of love and warm wishes from Hattifant!!! ?

BONUS: Yes, there is one!!! 🙂

  • Template for 4 Seasons Flextangle or also called Kaleidocycle

Hattifant's Four Seasons Flextangle

You can find out more about this FOUR SEASONS KALEIDOCYCLE here!

Some more visuals 😉

Hattifant's Four Seasons Endless Card

There are two different sizes on offer!

Hattifant's Four Seasons Endless Card

You can choose to color the card in yourself or opt for the already colored version!

Hattifant's Four Seasons Endless Card

We realized that some of us would love to see APPLES for Summer and others rather FLOWERS!!! So, yes of course, we give you this choice also!!!

Hattifant's Four Seasons Endless Card

And for those who want to create their very own scenery of each season – don’t fret – there are blank tree versions for you to accommodate!

Hattifant's Four Seasons Endless Card

For those who do not want to craft so much, I am also adding Coloring Pages to this bundle!


Hattifant's Four Seasons Endless Card


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