Easter Chicks – Action Paper Toy

I am so excited to show you Hattifant’s Easter Chicks – Action Paper Toy Set! Your little ones will love how the wings of the chicks, well and eggs can move! Flap…flap!

Hattifant Easter Chicks Action Paper Toy Set Coloring Page Paper Craft 3D ColoringBut that’s not all…

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Easter Chicks – Action Paper Toy

The flowers also can move their leaves, and then there is an egg with a chick inside named Poppy just about to hedge! Well, and the kids wanted to have an egg with wings as well. Couldn’t say no! 🙂

Hattifant-Easter-Chicks-Action-Paper-Toy-SetSo we have (from the left) Baby, Apollo, Poppy, Tommy and Steven. (No, I did not choose these names and I am sure my little ones allow you to choose your own names.) 😉

Anyway…you NEED to see these live in action! So please enjoy the little video that is also including the TUTORIAL on how to make these cuties…

Aren’t they fun? We’ll do more tomorrow. My little ones have already invited their friends and there are plans to make some RAINBOW colored chicks, chicks with loads of hearts on it, a stripy one… Well, I will show you!
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EASTER FREEBIE – Coloring Paper Craft

 Did you make out Apollo? The little chick with the sign wishing you a Happy Easter? Well this one is my present for you! You know I love to see you happy! So Apollo is free for download here.
Hattifant Easter Chick Apollo free printable coloring page action paper craft
What else??? I designed this lovely Stand Up of a garden scene for you that fits beautifully behind your little chicks. They definetely love it there!
Hattifant Easter Garden scene with Easter egg and flowers
So… if you are interested in the DIGITAL BUNDLE then you will get:
  • 4 little Chicks
  • 1 Chick about to hedge (Poppy)
  • 1 smaller Easter Egg version
  • 2 Flowers (one BIG, the other small)
  • Beautiful Garden Backdrop to color

I show you in the video on how to craft the chicks and flowers. Really not that complicated but maximum fun!

FIND THE Easter chick – action paper toy DIGITAL BUNDLE here!

Hattifant Easter Chicks Action Paper Toy Digital Bundle Set Coloring PagesAnd since you LOVE my WIP’s, here is the actual sketch of the garden scene.

Hattifant Easter Garden Scene Egg Flowers Stand up

So I hope you’ll enjoy this bundle of creativity, activity and fun! Lets craft again as families and/or get families and friends together to enjoy time together!

Happy Crafting!

Hattifant Easter Chicks Action Paper Toy Coloring SetDOWNLOAD HERE

 Happy Crafting!


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