Mandalendar 2017

Wow…welcome 2017. This went quick! I hope you all had am amazing 2016!

I cheer with you towards 2017. Lets have the best year ever and start of with another series of monthly Mandala Calendar Coloring Pages!

Hattifant Mandalendar Calendar Coloring Page 2016 Summary

I will be adding the pages monthly. So make sure to come back to get your monthly Mandala!

Only the current month is available and free to download as special gift and with many thanks for all the support from me to you!

With all my love, Hattifant!

This was HATTIFANT’s Mandalendar 2016

Hattifant Mandalendar Calendar Coloring Page 2016 SummaryClick on the image above to learn and see more pictures from 2016.

Welcome to Hattifant’s Mandalendar 2017

APRIL 2017

Hurray, my favorite month of the year is here! I love April, it’s crazy weather and the promise of Spring. So please enjoy this months’ Mandalendar which is very much inspired by this gorgeous season to come: Spring!

Hattifant's Mandalandar 2017 a Mandala Calendar Coloring Page for April to download for free during April

Please be reminded to NOT SHARE blank coloring pages but share the link to this webpage for your friends to find as well. If you share in social media then please tag as I am very very curious and of course would LOVE to see your creations as well!


This is a FREE offer but I do kindly ask you to consider donating a coin or two. Needless to say that these Mandalas take a long time to create. My aim is to have you all enjoy my art and the magic of coloring. If you do not have any spare money then please enjoy this page for free. It comes from the bottom of my heart! If you do donate then I bow to you with many many thanks! Thank you for keeping the indie art alive! xoxox


Hattifant's Mandala Endless Card to Color and Craft

My Coloring Book: Inspirations – Love by Design

Hattifant's Flower and Mandala Bookmarks to color free printable coloring page

Mandala Turtle PAPERCUT

Hattifant's Mandala Turtle to papercut a papercraft paperart printable to DIY

MARCH 2017

Wow February went quick! Well… it did only have 28 days… 🙂

Enjoy this months Mandalendar!

Hattifant's monthly Mandala Calendar Coloring Page the Mandalendar March

This was the Mandalendar for March 2017! This Mandala Coloring Page is now no longer available for download but will be added to Hattifant’s Mandala Coloring Book to be published this year! So please check back in and grab the book. If you love Mandalas then this book will be perfect for you!

February 2017

Thinking of Spring already? We most certainly are. And with it we dream of butterflies…

Hattifant's monthly Mandala Calendar Coloring Page the Mandalendar February

This was the Mandalendar for February. No longer available. But hey… there will be a Mandala Coloring Book coming out soon! And all Mandalas from the Mandalendar will be included!!!

January 2017

And here we are: Hattifant’s MANDALENDAR JANUARY 2017!!!

As you know the coloring page will be available only during this month and then be replaced with the new Mandala Calendar Coloring Page for next month!

This was a FREE offer during the month of January.

Now enjoy this months Mandalendar Coloring Page!
Hattifant's monthly Mandala Calendar Coloring Page the Mandalendar


Hattifant Inkspiration Love by Design Manja Burton Artist Arielle Ford Author

You can find out more HERE and you can PRE-ORDER as well!


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