Top 10 Garland Crafts

Garlands are a home decor item that adds so much to any home! And there are many that aren’t too tricky to make. Want to make one yourself? Maybe for this autumn season?

Hattifant Top 10 Garland list

Here is Hattifant’s TOP 10 Garland list:

  1. A garland out of REAL leaves by Swoodson Says

REAL leaves! The closest to nature and so very beautiful! Just thinking of going for a long walk cuddled up in cozy clothes and collecting leaves. To them dry them and put them up in a garland while zipping on a warm cup of tea… Yes!

Hattifant Top 10 Garland list 2. Hattifant’s Woodland Animal Garland to Color

Yes, of course we love to color! So this garland is cute and keeps us busy inside when outside even cozy clothes won’t help anymore! ^_^

Hattifant Woodland Animal Garland Papercraft to color and in color3.  A beaded Rainbow Garland by MomsandCrafters

Loving this garland as it seems to float! And the colors are absolutely refreshing.

Hattifant Top 10 Garland list4. A Felt Autumn Garland  by Lifeovercs

Don’t tell me you have not made pom poms yet? Do it now!!! 🙂

Hattifant Top 10 Garland list5.  A Easy to Make Balloon Garland by Sugar Aunts

I tend to be a person that likes to create complicated things. Something that takes time and effort. I love simple, absolutely LOVE simple but do not seem to be able to do it myself. So this garland is very much down to earth and calls out to me as a mother of two children. Children that celebrate their Birthday EVERY year 😉 and EVERY year I am stuck with trying to overcomplicate the Birthday deco. So yes, this one will be on my list for next year! Simple and easy to make! Beautiful!

Hattifant Top 10 Garland list6.  A Newspaper Leave Garland by Red Ted Art

Always loving a little re-cycle craft! And autumn leaves are gorgeous!

Hattifant Top 10 Garland list7. Black and White Baby Name Garland by Adventure in a Box

What I love about this one? It is a garland made by the whole family! And look how gorgeous this one turned out to be!

Hattifant Top 10 Garland list8.  A Pom Pom Pumpkin Garland by Mom in the Made House

Already the name puts me to giggles. Such a cute idea… Pom Pom Pumpkins!!! ^_^

Hattifant Top 10 Garland list9.  A Wooden Name Garland by Messy Little Monsters

A great idea to decorate some wooden letters. A craft that older sibblings can be part of and help decorating with gem stones and more!

Hattifant Top 10 Garland list

10. Felt and Feather Halloween Garland by ZingZingTree

Brrrr…spiders! ^_^

Hattifant Top 10 Garland list


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