Make your own Hologram Projector

So since Hattifant is following all the latest trends… (huge grin…so not true but…) but this we came across and loved instantly and knew we just HAD to try…

We had to make our own Hologram Projector!

And now I just want to show it to you! And I do believe many of you will have a go at this as well!

Hattifant - Make your own Hologram Projector

Make your own Hologram Projector

Really, really fun and quick activity that will get you the “You are so COOL mom” – factor!!! Promise! 🙂

Have a look at this:


HOOKED? Well, let’s make a Hologram Projector then!

TUTORIAL on Make your own Hologram Projector

I show you in the video as well but here are some 2 dimensional pictures (sorry no holograms here) to make it really easy for you!

What you’ll need to make your own HOLOGRAM PROJECTOR:

  • an acrylic sheet (We used the “window” from the packaging of the dollhouse our daughter received for Christmas.)
  • ruler
  • marker (that writes on acrylic)
  • tape
  • a phone with youtube access


On your acrylic draw 4 shapes as shown in the picture below. Cut them out.

Hattifant - Hologram Projector DIY

Put them together as in the picture and tape the upper corners to not obstruct the view.

Hattifant - Hologram Projector DIY

You can see our construction is far from perfect but worked flawlessly! 🙂

Hattifant - Hologram Projector DIY

Access Youtube on the phone and search for “hologram video” and choose the one you like.  Place your Hologram Projector on to the screen and PLAY!

Hattifant - Hologram Projector DIY

And done!

Hattifant - DIY HologramProjector

Now before you call your children to see all this ask yourself…will you be able to explain what a hologram is??? Probably but hey, I was so excited and got my little ones to see this and was NOT prepared. I thought I was!

So… what is a hologram?

A hologram has 3 dimensions. A photograph has 2. If you have a big cube and a smaller cube behind the big cube – in a picture you would not be able to see the smaller cube. In a hologram though you can. You can see up and down, left and right, forwards and backwards. A hologram has depth! Frank DeFreitas who is and has been a holographer for over 30 years explains all this beautifully in his blog! Way better than I can!!!


Hope you are having loads of fun with this pretty scientific activity!

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