Hattifant’s Favorite FREE Advent Calendars to DIY

Christmas is finally just around the corner and so is December!

Time to start thinking about how to count down those days? So… for all my craft lovers out there I put together a list of my most favorite FREE Advent Calendars that you can download and make yourself. It is wide spread and diverse… something for everybody for sure!

Hattifant's favorite FREE DIY ADvent Calendars

You have already seen Hattifant’s NEWEST Advent Calendar Designs…

Mandala Advent Calendar to Color

Color in this Mandala day by day until you have a fully colored Mandala Illustration by the time it is Christmas Day!

Hattifant's Mandala Advent Calendar to color your way to Christmas in style

Triskele Paper Globe Advent Calendar

Yes, Triskele Paper Globes. If you know me then you know that I am addicted to these globes and will try to use this design in whatever way possible… as Christmas decoration, Birthday invitation, window decor, as shoe or lunch box. (Just kidding on the later two…)

Hattifant's Advent Calendar Triskele Paper Globe


But seriously there are soooo many more gorgeous creations! So lets get started!

Advent Calendars QUICK & EASY

Quick & easy – meaning if you are in a hurry or LIKE ME surprised by events like Christmas every single year and tomorrow is already Ist December then these are for YOU!

On top… they are gorgeous and absolute fun!

Woodland Cuties Advent Calendar to Color

If you love coloring and woodland animals in particular owls then this one is a must have.

Hattifant Christmas Advent Calendar to color printable coloring page woodland animals owl stars snowflakes

 Puzzle Advent Calendar

This calendar created by ‘Makes and Takes’ is brilliant in order to practise those cutting skills! This will be a favorite for my crafty kids this year for sure!

Printable Advent Calendar by Makes and Takes

Cotton Wool Bearded Santa Advent Calendar

How cool is this one?! Add a bit of cotton wool every day till Santa has a full beard and it will be Christmas! ^_^ Find it at ‘The Organized Housewife’

advent calendar by the organized housewife

Printable Advent Calendar

Look at this gorgeous watercolor illustration of a deer! Absolutely love it! And it is a puzzle! Created by the lovely Aniko from ‘Placeofmytaste’.

Printable Advent Claendar by Placeofmytaste

Advent Calendars in 3D

These are Advent Calendars we can fill with all sorts of exciting goodies for our loved ones.

I cannot believe what amazing Advent Calendars there are! FREE to download – I just know I will be making some of these in a couple of years time as well.

Take a look…

The Cutest Polar Bears Advent Calendar EVER!

Created by Juliette from ‘Zu-Blog’ this calendar has some cute polar bears, a mountain and a Santa to offer! I abolsutely adore the colors and the cute little faces! Do check out her site! There are many more crafts and printables. Hattifant is a BIG fan!

Advent Calendar by Zu Blog

 DIY Printable Watercolor Advent Calendar

Featured by ‘Hellobee’ and created by Oana Befort these gorgeous little boxes make a beautiful Advent Calendar!

Advent Calendar by Hellobee

Ikosaeder Advent Calendar

This beautiful Advent Calendar in Black & White is the one I chose for my husband. Absolutely gorgeous the design and created by Sandra Wirtz. It is a German spoken blog. The pictures are breath taking and the blog absolutely worthwhile checking out! For the printables here simply scroll all the way down and click on the last image.

Advent Calendar by Sandra WirtzWinterwonderland Advent Calendar

Some more beautifully designed woodland animals and trees for you to turn into an Advent Calendar. Designed by Nadja from ‘Dansmonbocal’.

Advent Calendar by DonsmonbocalPastel-colored Advent Calendar Boxes

Don’t you love chevron patterns? I do and the combination of the pattern with the pastel colors is simply gorgeous. Designed by Andreja from ‘Easy Peasy and Fun’.

Advent Calendar Boxes by Easy Peasy and Fun

Funky Box Advent Calendar

I love these boxes and even more so the patterns one can create with them. Thumbs up for this Box Advent Calendar by Christine and Jan from ‘Little House on the Corner’!

Advent Calendar by The little house around the cornerChristmas Tree Box Advent Calendar

We love this design. It is most certainly a calendar that can be used several times. A calendar that adds to every Christmas home decor! Created by Nicolette from ‘Powerful Mothering’.

Advent Calendar by Powerful Mothering

Advent Calendars with DOORS 😉

Yeap, little doors! Take a look at Hattifant’s choice!

Little Houses Advent Calendar

Isn’t this calendaer adorable?! And you should see all the cuteness inside the houses!!! Created by Delphine who stands behind the blog ‘Non Dairy Diary’. A blog definetely worth visiting for many more crafts!

Advent Calendar houses by Le Lapin dans la lune

Advent Calendar for Notes & Quotes

Here is a calendar that I truely enjoy because of its simplicity! In the shape of a Christmas tree and with the possibility to leave notes for each day till Christmas! Love it! Created by Delia from ‘Delia Creates’.

Advent Calendar by Delia Creates

Advent Calendars A BIT DIFFERENT

I couldn’t finish this list by not showing you these fantastic Advent Calendar ideas! From giving instead of receiving, virtual instead of printables to shoe boxes…

Reverse Advent Calendar

A calendar to give back! We should all do this! Thought of by the amazing Jen from ‘Mom In The Madhouse’.

Reverse Advent Calendar by MominthemadhouseRondom Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar

In the same spirit of the mentioned above an Advent Calendar to share, give and be kind. Created by Megan from ‘Coffee, Cups and Crayons’.

Kindess Advent Calendar by Coffee Cups and CrayonsVirtual Advent Calendar

You download and open it daily when you are at your computer. And each door will take you to a craft to DIY! Awesome! Great idea by Maggy from ‘RedTedArt’.

Virtual Advent Calendar Red Ted Art

Shoe Box Advent Calendar

This one just made me smile! Comes with a printable so that yours can look just as gorgeous as the one created by ‘Pourmesjoliesmomes’. And hey, not saying you guys cannot create a gorgeous design as this one by yourself!

Advent Calendar Show Box by pourmesjoliesmomes

Simple Stone Advent Calendar Navity Scene

This creation simply strikes me with its simplicity. I love simple but beautiful – never seem to be able to create it myself though. So yes, Nell… we ADORE your version of an Advent Calendar! Find out how to create your own by visiting ‘Rythms of Play’.

Advent Calendar Navity Scene by Rythms of Play

Wow… all these Advent Calendars… FREE for you to download and recreate! What are you waiting for?!

Have a lovely Christmas season and MERYY CHRISTMAS to you all!

Hattifant says Merry Christmas

MORE Christmas craft ideas:

Hattifant Christmas Triskele Paper Globe Set Origami Ball

Hattifant 3d Paperart led candle night light to diy

Hattifant Triskele Paper Globe Christmas Pattern Edition to decorate and craft

Hattifant Christmas Crafts Summary Roundup

CHRISTMAS presents:


 …foldable ENDLESS CARD…

Triskele Paper Globes to Color

Triskele Paper Globes 3D coloring Coloring page paper craft

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