Coloring Pages for the Heart and Soul

Are you a big fan of memes and quotes and therefore have a favorite one that you live by? Me too! I love reading them, especially when times seem a bit rougher than usual. They help me to refocus and set priorities. If you love quotes then I think these Coloring Pages for the Heart and Soul will be perfect for you! So with no further ado, let me introduce to you Hattifant’s Coloring Pages for the Heart and Soul

Hattifant's Coloring Pages for Heart and Soul

I love quotes and live by them, too. Here are some of my favorites:

You are who creates this world


Be weird. Be random. Be who you are. Because you never know who would love the person you hide!

C. S. Lewis

…and quite often I relate to this one: 🙂

I promise I am not rude. I’m just very awkward.


So… loving quotes and memes I created Coloring Pages for the Heart and Soul of these two beautiful quotes by Vivian Greene and Les Brown!

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass,

it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

Vivian Greene


Shoot for the Moon.

Even if you miss, you’ll land among the Stars.

Les Brown

Coloring Page “Rainy Days”

Hattifant's Rainy Day Coloring Page - Vivian Greene Quote

Let’s make the most of our NOW and celebrate life. See this, the little girl even has cute heart earrings!!! And a frog umbrella!!! 🙂

And here she is in all her cuteness:

Hattifant's Rainy Day Coloring Page - Vivian Greene Quote

Our little dancer will be having a permanent home with Easy Peasy and Fun! You can find this Dancing in the Rain Coloring Page here.

Andreja, who is the heart and soul of Easy Peasy and Fun shows fantastic crafts and many more coloring pages. Her motto is all about making art and crafts – yes, you guessed it – easy, peasy and fun! Truly worthwhile to hop over and take a look!

Hold it!!! Don’t go just yet…

Take a look at our second coloring page with the wise quote by Les Brown!

Hattifant's Coloring Page for Heart and Soul - Les Brown

And the full page you will be able to color:

Hattifant's Coloring Page for Heart and Soul - Les Brown

I love this Moon & Star Coloring Page so much that it will also be available without any writing.

Hattifant's Coloring Page for Heart and Soul - Les Brown

Have you ever colored with one of those normal blue office permanent markers?! I love them to create a night sky! The ink blends in nicely and gives the stars an extra spark when those are colored also.

Hattifant's "Moon and Stars" Coloring Page

I created some cards for us to not only color these coloring pages but then also be able to send them to loved ones.

…with Les Brown’s quote…

Hattifant's Coloring Page for Heart and Sould - Les Brown

…and if you prefer without…

Hattifant's Coloring Page for Heart and Sould - Les Brown

This adorable Moon & Stars coloring page is available in a digital BUNDLE as followed in high quality (no compression):

  • Moon & Stars (with and without quote) US Letter Size (11 x 8,5 inches) in PDF format
  • Moon & Stars (with and without quote) A4 Size in PDF format
  • Moon & Stars (with quote) A3 Size in JPG format – so this is REALLY BIG!!! 🙂
  • Moon & Stars Card (with and without quote) (folded appr. 7,5 x 5 inches) in PDF
  • BONUS: “Rainy” Days Card in PDF

DOWNLOAD HERE with Gumroad

The BONUS for our Coloring Bundle… “Rainy” Days Card.

Hattifant's Coloring Page for Heart and Sould - Vivian Greene

Please be aware that this is a digital bundle. It means that you do not purchase actual physical pages but files that you can download and then print at your own leisure at home or at your favorite local print shop!


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