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Let’s bring Spring back into our midst!

I created three different versions with keeping our creative freedom & energy in mind.

This first one allows you to mainly color and experiment with different media such as water colors, gel pens, permanent markers.

Hattifant's Flower Twirl Bookmarks Spring Version 2

This 2nd version here gives you options to add text or experiment with creating your own patterns.

Hattifant's Flower Twirl Bookmarks Spring Version 3

And the third version gives you the most creative freedom only leaving the big flowers. So if you are a minimalist, this might just be perfect and enough. If you want to explore different media and try yourself of filling the bookmarks with your own personal designs (e.g. adding leaves, patterns, more flowers) then this version will be a perfect fit.

Hattifant's Flower Twirl Bookmarks Spring

But do not worry, you do not have to choose! All three printables will be in one cute little bundle for you to download and have fun with!

Not always do we want to be creative but relax and just color. And if we feel like it then choose the other template to try out the pattern you just saw on Pinterest. 🙂


Download your very own bundle here! Or click on the image below!

Hattifant's Flower Twirl Bookmarks Spring

Wishing you a fantastic time creating new bookmarks and then also a lovely evening cuddled up at home reading your favorite book!

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