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What do we have today?! Something for Mandala lovers, bookworms, obviously colorists and those who live for Christmas.

Hattifant's Mandala Pom Pom Bookmark and Ornament

Not any Mandala Bookmark… I designed it in a way that you can easily use it also as Christmas ornament! Hence, Hattifant calling it Mandala Pom Pom Bookmark Ornament! Clever, right?! We love Pom Poms so we added those. Decorate your tree with them by simply hanging it up the way it is or add a thread.

Hattifant's Mandala Pom Pom Bookmark and Ornament

My little one likes to read near the Christmas Tree at the moment and “parks” her bookmark this way. 🙂

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Hattifant's Mandala Pom Pom Bookmark and Ornament

I chose to use different color schemes for each side! And I cannot wait for Spring to remake this bookmark with fresh and more vibrant colors.


Get your printable further below. I created 3 different sizes for you. No need to explain really… we all read different book sizes and we all have different tree sizes, too! ^_^

Hattifant's Mandala Pom Pom Bookmark and Ornament how to

  1. Print off template!
  2. Cut out and color to your hearts desire (or the other way around! 😉 )
  3. Make how ever many Pom Poms you would like to add. Find my video HERE on how to make Pom Poms.
  4. You can braid the long ends together and then tape it to the inside of the Mandala.
  5. Add glue to the other side and close shut the template. Both Mandalas fit perfectly together.
  6. Read a book!!! 🙂

Pssst… if you are not a fan of bookmarks you can simply glue both sides together or add magnets in between! Then you can clip the bookmark on to a page of the book!


Enjoy this Mandala Pom Pom Bookmark and/or Christmas Ornament in three different sizes.

Click on the picture below to get to the download section!

Hattifant's Mandala Pom Pom Bookmark and OrnamentDOWNLOAD HERE

Wishing you a fantastic time coloring and crafting with your family and friends. ENJOY!!!

Hattifant's Mandala Pom Pom Bookmark and Ornament collection


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