10+1 Things to make with Felt

Yes, I know… FELT?! Well, I cannot do papercrafts ALL the time! 😉

And we love felt, too! What a great material to work with! For kids and adults, beginners or seasoned crafters alike – felt works for everyone!

Hattifant favorite Felt crafts

So, are you ready for our most favorites? Here is Hattifant’s fave list for you:

  1. Owl Felt Buiscuits

…cuz what better than felt and owls together! ^_^

Hattifant's Owl Biscuits made with felt

2. A little Felt Monster by Sewkidding

Ooooh sooo cute! I want one! My son in fact just made one! He made a girl though that looks like a sun! ^_^

Hattifant favorite Felt crafts softie monster by sewkidding

3. Little Penguins with Felt Scarf by Red Ted Art

Yes, penguins and corks…what can I say?! ^_^

Hattifant favorite Felt crafts penguins by red ted art

4. A Kandinsky inspired Tree by The Made House

We love this because kids will absolutly thrive here. A fantastic craft to strengthen self-esteem and creativity.

Hattifant favorite Felt crafts Kandinsky inspired tree by The Mad House

5.  Goede Coasters by ZingZingTree

Well, this is just eye candy, isn’t it?! It makes me cozy and warm just looking at them!

Hattifant favorite Felt crafts Goede Coaster by zingzingtree

6.  Fairy wands by Sugar Aunts

Always need wands! How many do you have. Oops should I have said your kids?! Straw wands, chopstick wands… so yes, absolutely…we love felt fairy wands!

Hattifant favorite Felt crafts Fairy Wands by Sugar Aunts

7. Felt-Fox Coffee Sleeves by Lia Griffith

Coffee lover that I am…I would love to go to Starbucks and then slowly for everyone to see and would make sure everyone sees put this cute fox on to my first brew of the day! YES!

Lia, could we have an OWL one, too, please?!

Hattifant favorite Felt crafts Fox Coffee Warmer Lia Griffith

8. Gorgeous Felt Candle Lights by Menucha from MomsandCrafters

Oh my goodness! Yes! I have always been a lover of indirect light! And these are gorgeous!

Hattifant favorite Felt crafts Candle Lights by MomsandCrafters

9. Woodland Meadow No Sew Mat by Adventure in a Box

This one would be my sons number one choice for sure!

Hattifant favorite Felt crafts woodland meadow mat by adventure in a box

10.  Magnetic Blocks – Upcycled by Swoodson Says

I can see lots of different colors and shapes and while cooking your little one creates a masterpiece!

Hattifant favorite Felt crafts Magnet Pattern Blocks by Swoodsonsays

10+1. Pine Cone Owls by Messy Little Monster

Owls! Yes, of course we love this. Especially with pine cones! Missing the seasons sooo much!

Hattifant favorite Felt crafts pine Cone Owls by Messy Little Monsters

So these are our – Hattifant’s – favorite FELT CRAFTS!

If you are looking for more Felt Crafts then hop over to Jen from Mum in the Mad House!

She has created a most extensive list of 101 Felt Crafts that are absolutely fantastic!

Hattifant favorite Felt crafts mominthemadhouse



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