Easter, Spring & Summer TRISKELE PAPER GLOBE Bundle

Triskele Paper Globes… oh my! Where should I start?! It is my most favorite 3D Paper Craft! These globes look absolutely stunning and seem quite complicated to make! Let me tell you: they are NOT, especially because the bundle you will receive here is well thought through coming from years of experience and crafting joy. I am most excited to introduce today my newest bundle: Hattifant’s Easter, Spring & Summer Triskele Paper Globe Bundle that I created for us to color & craft!

You have never heard of this paper craft before? Don’t worry! Why not hop over to the main Triskele Paper Globe Page where I can fill you in on all the latest and most interesting TPG ‘this and that’ (e.g. history, discovery)?! Sounds good?

Easter, Spring & Summer Triskele Paper Globes

This Easter, Spring & Summer Triskele Paper Globe Bundle includes 12 unique designs. You will find butterflies, birds, kitties, Spring and Summer flowers included as well as an Easter Egg basket! What I tell you next you will LOVE: I have been able to unite those 12 designs in one individual Triskele Paper Globe! So you will get this one, too and most certainly a blank version to be able to try out your own ideas and designs!

HOW TO make a Triskele Paper Globe:

This new Easter, Spring & Summer Triskele Paper Globe Bundle has so much to offer! You will love it: all the coloring and crafting… You will create something that very unique: a precious piece of art that will lighten up your home and mood whenever you see it. It can also be a very personal gift for a special friend!

When you have colored your template it is time to get crafty. With the bundle you will receive a digital Instructions Booklet that you can print out. But there are also many video tutorials available that I created for you. Here is one for you to check out:

In order to make a Triskele Paper Globe, you will need:

  • template
  • paper (150gsm – 40lb)
  • scoring tool & safety mat
  • scissors
  • double sided tape and/or glue
  • coloring media such as coloring pens but also paints and more

In the Easter, Spring & Summer Triskele Paper Globe Bundle you will find all the information you need to make your own Triskele Paper Globes.


Each of the 12 + 1 Triskele Paper Globes plus a blank version will be available to you in 3 different sizes: 10, 8 and 6cm (4, 3.1 and 2.4in) approximately. This way you are very flexible and can use your creations for example for windows, trees & plants or in decorative bowls.

Did you see the Scoring Aid I created in the video tutorial above? This Scoring Aid is an absolute life saver (yes!!! Very dramatic! 🙂 ) and helps us all to score those famous half moon lines more accurately and quickly. If you are like me and create many regularly then you can outline the Scoring Aid on a sheet of plastic (e.g. old folder) and make it even more durable. Find out more about the Scoring Aid here!

As mentioned before you will also receive an Instructions Booklet that will explain and show in detail how to make your own Triskele Paper Globes. I understand that many of us are trying to stay clear of screens while crafting. The printable Instructions Booklet will help you with that goal. But if you prefer “moving pictures” then I will provide you with links to posts and video tutorials as well.

Hattifant's Triskele Paper instructions samples


You will receive:

  • 12 unique Triskele Paper Globe designs to Color In
  • 1 Triskele Paper Globe that unites all 12 designs in one single globe
  • 1 blank Triskele Paper Globe template to create your own designs
  • all 12+1+blank designs in 3 different sizes: 10, 8 and 6cm (~ 4, 3.1 and 2.4in)
  • Instruction Booklet & Video Tutorials
  • Scoring Aid templates for all 3 different sizes
  • a Thank You & little Bonus on top

This Easter, Spring & Summer Triskele Paper Globe Bundle is available for you to download at either Gumroad or Etsy. Follow your preferred shop by clicking on the button below.

MORE about our individual Triskele Paper Globes in this Bundle

For all of the Triskele Paper Globes in this Triskele Paper Globe Bundle there will be individual Video Tutorials for you available to follow to make your own. These will be added and complete within the next few days. You will be able to view them on my YouTube Channel here.

I hope you will fall in love with Triskele Paper Globes as much as I have. Triskele Paper Globes truly NEVER get old! It is a craft I always come back to and and enjoy over and over again!

Want to learn more about Triskele Paper Globes or see what other bundles are available?! Then click the image above or button below to find out more and become a Triskele Paper Globe wizard! ENJOY!!!

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