My Little Pony Endless Cards

We have a pretty excited month ahead of us for all My Little Pony fans out there!!!

And seriously… hoof over your heart who does not have a My Little Pony lover amongst there midst?! ^_^ Well, we have at least two in our house and  we they cannot wait for the movie to come out in a couple of days time.

As a craft-o-holic, I of course thought of something special to keep my little fans busy meanwhile and teamed up with Hasbro who kindly allowed me to use My Little Pony illustrations for this very craft! So let me introduce to you our My Little Pony ENDLESS CARDS!!! YES!!! Aren’t they terrific?!

Hattifant's MLP My Little Pony Endless Cards to download free printables

I created three different My Little Pony Endless Cards – of course including the Mane 6 – Twilight Sparkle, Pinky Pie, Rainbow Dash, Flutter Shy, Apple Jack and Rarity! And I added a couple more characters you might not know yet but will meet in the movie! 😉

So please watch them in action in the following little video:

You might have noticed that there is a tiny trick to these cards to make them work. To not cause confusion I created a video tutorial for EVERY one of these endless cards. So simply follow me along and make your card together with me. They look tricky but really are quite easy to make (IF you know how! ^_^ )

Video Tutorial Card 1 (Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Fluttershy & Rainbow Dash):

Video Tutorial Card 2 (Pinky Pie, Rainbow Dash & Apple Jack):

Video Tutorial Card 3 (Songbird Serenade, Skystar, Queen Novo, Tempest:

So… are you ready to get your own printables?!



Hattifant's MLP My Little Pony Endless Cards to download free printables



We’ve got more fabulous My Little Pony crafts for you!!!

See these gorgeous masks? Hop on over to Red Ted Art to get hold of those! They will be superfun for any My Little Pony party! And… we show you the perfect hairstyle for that party, too!

Hattifant's MLP My Little Pony Masks to download free printables


We also have more ENDLESS CARDS for you!!!

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Hattifant's Stripy Animal Endless Card or Neverending Card a coloring page

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Hattifant's Mandala Endless Card to Color and Craft

 … ENDLESS CARDS from Hattifant’s FOLDABLES…

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Hattifant's Empowering Endless Cards to color and craft


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Thank you!










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