HALLOWEEN | 3D Moving Paper Toy

Yes! We have a new Paper Toy that can MOVE! Let’s welcome a cute Mama & cheeky Baby Bat, Ghost and Mummy into our crafty Hattifant community! Here is the newest Halloween themed 3D moving Paper Toy for you!

Not so scary, really! I don’t think I am able to draw scary, LOL. You might recognize this Halloween 3D Moving Paper Toy from an earlier craft bundle: the Owl Paper Toy Set! If you love owls and unicorns then you want to take a look.


Before you start, get these ready:

  • Printables (see further below)
  • Paper (180gsm and stronger)
  • Coloring pens
  • Scissors
  • Glue or double sided tape
  • Start off by printing out the templates (see Download link below).
  • Color the Halloween figure of your choice with your favorite colors.
  • Cut out both main body and arms/wings. Make sure to make the small cut on the flap (main body) – see image above!
  • Then score (if you like) the dotted lines that need folding.
  • Fold as in the image above and below.
  • Add double-sided tape or glue to the two “GLUE” parts on the main body.
  • Connect arms/wings and main body as indicated in the image.
  • By pulling the V-shaped arm/wings construction up and down you can now make arms/wings move!

And DONE! Sooo easy! You made your own Halloween 3D Moving Paper Toy!


I have put together a craft bundle that includes:

  • Mama & Baby Bat template
  • Cheeky Bat (same as Baby Bat but bigger)
  • Mummy template (big and small size)
  • Ghost template (two versions: one with face and one to add your own facial expression)
  • instruction sheet

DOWNLOAD with Gumroad



The Halloween 3D moving Paper Toy varies in size slightly but are about 12-13cm in height and ca 6.7cm in width (without wings/arms). The Baby Bat measures 8 (height) x 12.5 (width) cm (including wings).


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