Cute Halloween Coloring Pages

BOO… she says and wishes everyone a fantastic Halloween season!

Hattifant Cute Halloween Carneval Illustration

I got some really cute Halloween Coloring Pages ready for you that you can even use as Halloween Party Invitations!!! ^_^

Here we go…


Hattifant Cute Halloween Coloring Pages for Kids and AdultsDOWNLOAD NOW via Gumroad

Sooo…what do you think?! Honestely, aren’t they gorgeous and as promised absolutely CUTE?


I am not one for the scary stuff or at least my hand cannot draw scary. And since I have little ones that get scared off by the octupus in “Arielle, the meraid” some fluffy cute Halloween Coloring Pages were needed.

Hattifant pokemon evolution papertoy flextangles kaleidocycle coloring page free printable

Of course, I have a treat for you! 😉 Hattifant has been creating again with the lovely artists of the Coloring Tribe. And that means you guys get ONE of the above for FREE and 4 more on top!

Hattifant Cute Halloween Coloring Pages for kids and adults


So…how best to approach our Coloring Tribe and to not miss anymore FREE coloring pages in the future?

First… if you have not yet done so… JOIN our Coloring Tribe on Facebook and show off your colored creations. We’d love to see and can join conversations more easily there then here on the website!

Second… if you share your creations in social media why not add the tag coloringtribe to it? Then we get notified and see YOUR art, too!

Third… and finally enjoy my lovely partners work via the links below and give them a thumbs up for all their hard work, too! Thank you! ^_^

Hattifant's Coloring Tribe Halloween Coloring Pages

A Cat in the Pumpkin Coloring Page by Easy Peasy and Fun

A Mysterious Lady behind a gorgeous Mask by Moms & Crafters

A Bat Coloring Page by Trails of Colors

A “Deep in the Woods” Coloring Page by Arts & Crackers

ENJOY!!! And happy Halloween! ^_^

And here quickly an overview of the next months to come:

coloring tribe challenge coloring pages

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