Fairies painting Spring

We love fairies! Absolutely adore them. How often do my little ones ask me: “Are they real? Are they real?”

Hattifant's Grown Up Colroing page Fairy painting Spring

And I answer: “They are as real as you want them to be!” and “Of course, they are!” I love dreaming and the world just seems like a far more beautiful place when you envision little fairies in it!

Fairies painting Spring – Coloring Page

And if you get Prismacolor Premier pencils for your Birthday then the world is almost a perfect place! Grin! So let me show off my coloring skills 😉 with these beauties and watch a little bit of speed coloring… Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD this Fairy Coloring Page HERE

Hattifant's Grown Up Colroing page Fairy painting Spring
Well… and whoever knows me a little better then you know that I cannot resist to create more than just simply a coloring page… So yes… still busy but here is a little sneak peak of what is still to come!!! ^_^
Hattifant's Grown Up Colroing page Fairy painting Spring WIP
Awesome, right? Can we just add a couple more hours to the day? 24 hours are simply not enough! So come back or LIKE Hattifant’s Facebook page to not miss this! It will be an ensemble of 9 squares. Just imagine bringing this kind of Spring into your home as wall décor!!!


Now…let me point out one more GREAT thing!
This FAIRY COLORING SPRING coloring page is part of the COLORING TRIBE! What does that mean? It means there are 5 most amazing 😉 artists that come together every month to create a coloring page for you to enjoy! So…there are 4 more fairy themed coloring pages out there in the world wide web! And I will show you the way!
Hattifant's Grown Up Colroing page Fairy painting Spring Coloring Tribe


And before you get hold of your other Fairy coloring pages DID YOU KNOW that we have a Coloring Tribe Facebook Group where we all meet and show eachothers’ colored artwork?

Visit us, we’ll be most happy to see you there!


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