Coffee and Friends Coloring Page

“COFFEE & FRIENDS make the perfect BLEND”

Hattifant Coffee and Friends Adult Coloring Papge with Coloring Tribe August 2016

Absolutely and 100% agreed!!! Most of you know how much I LOVE coffee! So much in fact that I worked for the lovely coffee company – well guess – Starbucks at one point in my life.

And sharing a coffee while catching up with (a) friend(s)… well, I’ve got the greatest memories here!  ^_^

So please read on and find out more about Hattifant’s Coffee and Friends Coloring Page.


So… my question for you today!!! Have you had this perfect BLEND lately? When is the last time you had coffee with a friend?

Why not INVITE your BFF with this adorable Coffee and Friends Coloring Page? Make it count and your best friend smile!

Hattifant Coffee and Friends Adult Coloring Papge with Coloring Tribe August 2016Coffee & Friends make the perfect Blend!


Hattifant Coffee and Friends Adult Coloring Papge with Coloring Tribe August 2016


So after you have invited your friends with this cute Coffee and Friends Coloring Page…

TIP… there are 4 more lovely FOOD related Adult Coloring Pages out there for you to explore!

Hattifant Coffee and Friends Adult Coloring Papge with Coloring Tribe August 2016 Roundup Food

First… if you have not yet done so… JOIN our Coloring Tribe on Facebook and show off your colored creations. We’d love to see and can join conversations more easily there then here on the website!

Second… if you share your creations in social media why not add the tag coloringtribe to it? Then we get notified and see YOUR art, too!

Third… and finally enjoy my lovely partners work via the links below and give them a thumbs up for all their hard work, too! Thank you! ^_^

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