It’s Halloween! Time to Colour In a Haunted House!

HauntedHousePrintOutSheetsHalloweenHauntedHouse_s HauntedHouse3DYou love Halloween and to craft??? Well, here you go:

Hattifant’s Haunted House!

I found this absolutely fantastic idea by James Darrow (Thank you, James!!!) to make a mini book out of JUST one sheet of paper. Combining it with paper houses, this creates endless opportunities to make your very own 3D paper house quickly and even more so printer friendly. One page, one cut, a bit of folding…

And colour in to your hearts desire! Enjoy!

Click here to download the A3 version of Hattifant’s Haunted House!

Click here to download accessoires e.g. ghosts, pumpkins, spiders (Yikes!) and bats!


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