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Hattifant Mandala Adult Coloring Papge with Coloring Tribe July 2016

Mandala Coloring Pages with Hattifant

Ready for some more gorgeous Adult Coloring Pages from the Coloring Tribe??? This month’s theme are MANDALAS! Yeap… perfect right?! Hattifant LOVES Mandalas! So lets get straight to it! Here is Hattifant’s creation for this month’s challenge. This is a free offer. We would love to see your colored creations. …

Hattifant coloring page with girl open hair and butterflies

Beauty is all around us

Sometimes life gets tuff and it is hard to see the beauty in this world. It happens to all of us for sure. Sometimes we just work to hard, life gets rough, we get hurt… …and we simply need a time out. Lets remind ourselves then that it is good …