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How much I adore these cuties and how cheeky they were when I was designing them – Hattifant’s Easter Bunny Shelf Sitters!!! I am still laughing about all their complaining… the feet were not big enough here, and well let’s not talk about the perfect ear length, the arms – how to bend them/draw them to not look weird. You should see some of the early creations. LOL!

Hattifant's Easter Bunny Shelf Sitters to color

So without further ado let me introduce to you these cheeky monkeys ahem Easter Bunny Shelf Sitters.

Hattifant's Easter Bunny Shelf Sitters to color sample

My little one saw them and straight away HAD TO make them himself. He is hiding the bunny girl from me. I believe it will be my Birthday present! ^_^


My main goal always is to make them as easy as possible and also for many skill levels.

Hattifant's Easter Bunny Shelf Sitters to color how to 1

When you have your

  • printable and
  • your favorite coloring pencils,
  • scissors,
  • scoring tool & safety mat,
  • glue/double sided tape and
  • crafting knife out… you can then get started making your very own Easter Bunny Shelf Sitters.

Color the template and proceed to cut out bunny and accessories. Then turn over the bunny and also color in the back side of bunny’s arms and hands (see picture above).

We then need to score a few lines: on the skirt or trousers as well as the little flaps on Easter egg and flower pots. Then fold the bunny into a sitting position as shown in the picture above. Add double sided tape/glue to the flap of the Easter egg or flower pot and tape to bunnies lap. The last step is to add tape/glue to the hands and have bunny hold on to its accessory.

Hattifant's Easter Bunny Shelf Sitters to color how to hairband

The bunny girl also looks very pretty with her hair band. Bunny boy demanded a carrot. You can cut open his mouth for him to chew on this very carrot. Also don’t forget to use your craft knife on the inside of his trousers. Do ask your parent, teacher or other helper in case you are not yet allowed to use a craft knife!

Hattifant's Easter Bunny Shelf Sitters to color eating carrot

Aren’t they just adorable?! I absolutely love them! Our bunnies are currently enjoying a ride on our a little weathered elephant.

Hattifant's Easter Bunny Shelf Sitters to color on elephant

Oh, you have not seen yet what accessories there are!!!

Hattifant's Easter Bunny Shelf Sitters to color accessories

The bunnies can hold an Easter Egg, heart or two flower pots. Hair band and carrot have been mentioned before, too.


You can choose to download either with Gumroad or Etsy. Click on the buttons below to download your Easter Bunny Shelf Sitters!

Hattifant's Easter Bunny Shelf Sitters to color

You will receive:

  • Template for Easter Bunny GIRL Shelf Sitter TO COLOR
  • Template for Easter Bunny GIRL Shelf Sitter IN COLOR
  • Template for Easter Bunny BOY Shelf Sitter TO COLOR
  • Template for Easter Bunny BOY Shelf Sitter IN COLOR

HAPPY EASTER! And ENJOY this gorgeous Easter Paper Craft!

Hattifant's Easter Bunny Shelf Sitters to color Happy Easter

I also created 2 cute Flower Gift Boxes that go well with these Easter Bunny Shelf Sitters! The Boxes can be filled with a little treat and the Bunny can then hold the little treasure! (link live shortly)

Hattifant's FLower Gift Boxes for Easter Bunny Shelf Sitters

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