Mermaid Galore – Grown Up Coloring

…lets face it…the wave of grown up coloring has hit pretty much every country by now. For the last couple of weeks coloring books for grown ups pop up on the front desks of every bookstore here in Bangkok.

Hattifant's Coloring Pages Mermaid Galore Grown Up Coloring PagesIt’s fantastic to see and no longer is it something one rather not shares as ones own favorite way to relax fearing being laughed at.

We are indeed IN! Coloring is FASHIONABLE! Hurray!

And NO…don’t worry…I don’t think that Coloring should replace Yoga. No way…! Nope. Rather combine it perhaps?! Do Yoga and then relax some more with fun coloring pages. Yeap…that sounds nice! 🙂

Some others enjoy the part that actually happens before…the doodeling…the creating of the coloring pages! And this is me… as much as I love coloring…I love drawing, sketching, creating these coloring pages even more!

So here with all my love and passion come two beautiful mermaid coloring pages to you to enjoy and relax from a long day.

MERMAID GALORE – Grown Up Coloring pages

Hattifant's Mermaid Galore - Grown Up Coloring

Interested in seeing how I get from a scary empty piece of paper to a fully illustrated coloring page just waiting for you to pick up your coloring pens?

Then follow me…

Here is a small video sequence of both coloring pages from first sketch to final illustration:

 …and here they are…the two beautiful mermaids…Hattifant's Mermaid Galore Grown Up Coloring PagesYou can see two quite different styles… Why? It is simply letting go…

When I begin to draw I sort of have an idea in mind that I bring to paper. With the drawing new ideas form that I implement into the drawing. While drawing I relax, I reflect on what happened during the day,…I let my thoughts flow, my mind starts to wander…and obviously depending on my experiences during the day my moods play a vital part in how the illustration turns out.

Hattifant's Mermaid Galore Grown Up Coloring

So all in all what doodeling is for me is coloring for many others. Letting go, relaxing, simply enjoying the fact of being creative… of creating…

Hattifant's Mermaid Galore Grown Up ColoringDoes a white page scare me at times? Well yes, of course… So many possibilities… It is so exciting. I generally start to draw with what I feel certain about already. Then leave blank where I feel still unsure. I let it rest. I will know at some point.

Hattifant's Mermaid Galore Grown Up ColoringThere is always something that can be filled in already and with it the page slowly starts to fill and “shows its face”. And with it, areas that seemed unfillable all of a sudden don’t seem so untouchable any longer.

Now enough talking! If you would like to color these pages then please hop on over to the lovely Maggy from Red Ted Art and download your FREE printables!

Link: Hattifant’s Mermaid Galore Grown Up Coloring Pages for Red Ted Art

(Ps.: The page will come to life 28 July!!! Next Tuesday!!! Yeah!)

Happy coloring!



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