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…it has been and still is an “interesting” one… my heart is talking…

Hattifant's AntoinetteLilla Rogers’ Global Talent Search 2015

The Decision

I have been always a huge fan of Flora Waycotts‘ Art. Her designs are absolutely adorable and I admire her style. It was while scrolling through her posts that I became aware in 2014 that Flora took part in a very interesting contest orgainzed by a lady that also wasn’t unkown to me – Lilla Rogers, an art agent with a very quirky (I love that!) personality representing artists and designers internationally. Today, Flora and Lilla are working together and I am sure are a fantastic fit.

So when the contest came around again this year I felt completely torn wanting to be part of it, not being sure if I was ready just yet and the main factor… time wasn’t really on my side either.

In the end, I followed my heart and Rumi’s words… “Respond to every call that excites your spirit!” And this excitement never stopped ever since I started this adventure. The butterflies in my stomach are constantly there, truely enjoying every moment I spent on the first assignment.

Hattifant Button Robins Egg BlueThe Ist Assignment

We were asked to create sneakers for Antoinette, a young vintage shop owner living in Brooklyn, New York. She needed some that fit her style and love for cycling, too.

The Finished Piece FIRST

So here you go! Hours and hours of fun, hard work, midnight fuel and in the end pure happiness with the outcome!

Hattifant GTS 2015 Assignment 1 AntoinetteNo matter what will happen, if I can go on in the contest, if Lilla and her team like my work or not (OF COURSE I hope they do! 😉 ) this has been a great experience. I have learned a lot. The process of creating this piece has been a journey full of butterflies, lightbulb moments and green tea.

I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do…

Hattifant GTS 2015 Mirror Vintage…a touch of Brooklyn!

Antoinette will be proudly taking her neighbourhoood with her whereever she goes or cycles.

Hattifant GTS 2015 Sneakers with a touch of BrooklynAnd my favorite part is the simulation of a popup card…

centre…with Antoinette cycling to work through her neighbourhood with the Brooklyn Bridge and Skyline in the background.

And look…I turned the whole concept into a REAL Pop Up Card! I absolutely love this one!

Hattifant's Pop Up Card AntoinetteThis tunnel pop up card gives it such a nice 3D feeling, a proper setting for a Brooklyn girl like Antoinette.


One gets a feel for the neighbourhood Antoinette lives in but at the same time one can see the Brooklyn Bridge and the famous skyline.

Hattifant's Pop Up Card AntoinetteAnd here she is up close… What do you think, Brooklyn?!

Antoinette_popupCard_3a_sAnd since we all love COLORING so much…

How about this as 3D Adult Coloring Art?

Brooklyn_3Dsetup_1_s Brooklyn_3Dsetup_2_s Brooklyn_3Dsetup_3_s Brooklyn_3Dsetup_4_s

Hattifant Button Flowerpot Turquoise


And if you like to see how I went from a white piece of paper to the final artwork then please do read on. Everybodyelse, thank you so very much for having visited and hope to see you again here on Hattifant’s website!!!

Stage I – Brainstorming & Sketching

I am not going to show you my very first sketches… lol. I think only I would be able to interprete them but it helps…

The idea with Antoinette cycling and all this being part of Brooklyn came straight away…

Hattifant GTS 2015 Sketch AntoinetteI also loved the idea of giving some more information in vintage style… Antoinette’s little shop gave me loads of ideas…

Hattifant GTS 2015 Sketch Vintage MirrorWhile working on another project it “hit” me that I somehow had to do something that could represent my love for paper constructions, popup cards & toys. The idea for a tunnel card version was born… (here are the sketches for the backdrops of the card)

Hattifant GTS 2015 Sketch Scenes Backdrops…and a close up of my Brooklyn neighbourhood…Absolutely loved that one…

Hattifant GTS 2015 Sketch Brooklyn Neighbourhood…patterns, patterns, patterns… peonies and mandalas…WIP_Sketch_PeonyMandala_sI could have kept on sketching away…but it was certainly time to move on to coloring and assembling all that had been created…

Stage II – Coloring

From the brief I had loads of colors to choose from…

Hattifant GTS 2015 Color ChoicesSome are my faves others not so much…so it was time to find colors that Antoinette would like and would warm both our hearts.

Hattifant GTS 2015 Color Pallette SneakersAnd then it was just about bringing everything to life with color! 🙂


I hope you enjoyed the little tour! Do let me know what you think! Always love to hear from you!



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