3D Flower Heart Paper Cut

Many of you followed me along on Facebook and finally I can share this beautiful 3D Flower Heart Paper Cut template with you for you to create as well.

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I cannot tell you how close I feel to this creation and the warmth it creates inside of me when looking at it. I hope you will feel the same and share this design with many loved ones as a special gift of yours to them. As will I, of course, too!

As always, this paper cut takes you on a beautiful crafting journey with many stops along the way. I could have taken hundreds of pictures in between. Watching the sunlight playing with the transforming paper I enjoyed sitting still, pausing and taking it all in. Life is a journey and so is creating.

Let me take you on this journey, too.


You will need:

Print off your templates including the practice sheets and have a practice run on a flower and swirl before heading for the “real” thing.

When you are ready for the 3D Flower Heart Paper Cut then start cutting out flowers, leaves and swirls of the heart.

Do not start raising up the leaves or flower petals as tempting as it is. It will disturb you with the further cutting ahead and you might bend or worse break those raised petals along the way.

When finished cutting out the heart part we will add the holes. Have your template with the print facing you lying flat on your crafting mat. Poke holes where suggested on the template by using your embossing tool or a thicker needle.

Then turn your template around and lie it again flat on the crafting mat. Poke the very same holes again. With this we push inwards the paper. Raise your paper and carefully twist your embossing tool in each hole to increase the size (see picture above).

Your template will now look very much like this (see picture above). The heart is now done and we will cut out the edge – the frame of the 3D Flower Heart Paper Cut.

Turn the template around again so you can see the outline of the frame work (leaves and petals) to cut out. Be very careful here to not rip the paper.

Time to raise petals and leaves to create the 3D appearance.

As the petals and leaves around the edges are slightly bigger I decided to roll them and not just bend them upwards. I actually used clay tools for this but any round stick will do here. You can then use your embossing tool to bend upwards the leaves and petals of the heart.

And done! Choose your favorite kind of background paper and place your paper cut into a box picture frame.


This digital 3D Flower Heart Paper Cut Bundle will include:

  • the 3D Flower Heart Paper Cut in light grey and black outlining with petal and flower frame work and without (PDF file)
  • practice sheets to practice those swirls and flowers (PDF file)
  • instructions in a PDF file

DOWNLOAD via Gumroad



I hope you enjoyed this post and paper cutting this beautiful design.

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