Review for Tinkerbell’s Memory Game

I tend to explore and research quite a bit before we go on a long haul flight. Meaning if I know that space to run around will be restricted and the little ones required to stay put in their seat for a fair amount of time a parent NEEDS to be PREPARED! 😉 Although having said that sometimes it just doesn’t matter anway (don’t even want to think about some of our nightmarish flights with crying and screaming, overtiredness and lovely neighbours reminding me of my responsibility as a parent. Thanks!) but sometimes a little travel kit filled with activities and all can be a life saver.

Disneys Tinkerbell Memory

And one of those games that really got us hooked was the Tinkerbell Memory Game free to download from the French Disney website.

You can easily download, cut it out and glue it together. I glued the pieces on milkbottle plastic to make it last longer. But simply as paper memory for one trip would be perfectly fine, too!

From time to time when we head for dinner in a restaurant I choose this game to take along, too!

Hope you’ll like it too! 🙂

So all thumbs up and off the game goes into Hattifant’s Pinterest files! It deserves a spot there!


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