Milk Bottle Flower Garland

I am always looking for materials to use for crafts. One of those materials that we have en masse in our home presently is the plastic from th emilk bottles we buy.

I discovered how easy it actually was to work with this material – to cut, to draw on them with permanent markers, bend it and tape them together.

So here is the newest addition to our milk bottle crafts:

Hattifant’s Flower Garland!


And here is how it’s done:

You’ll need:

  • template
  • milk bottle material
  • scissors
  • pencil and permanent markers (and if you have silver paint marker)
  • mounting tape (to put pieces together)
  • thread and needle

Here in Bangkok, I got hold of these 2 liter big containers. Helpful for this mobilé are flat sides!

FlowerGirland_aDownload and print out the template. Cut out pieces and outline it with pencil or permanent marker on the milk bottle.

FlowerGirland_b FlowerGirland_cCut out all pieces!

FlowerGirland_dColour in to your liking…

5_FlowerGirland_ColourInTape pieces together. I used Mounting Tape – it last and pieces stick out a tiny bit more hence bigger 3D effect.

6_FlowerGirland_MountingTapeWith your needle put little holes into flowers and connect them with the thread (I used fishing line here).

FlowerGirland_gAnd you have your own Flower Garland! Yeah!



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