How To make Ladybird & Butterfly Pop Up Card

…and here is how it’s done!

Really really easy and it won’t take much time!

1. Print off the template Ladybird & Butterfly Pop Up Card!

(Click on the image below and a high quality image (A4 at 300 dpi) will open up. Right mouse click and save to your computer and then print. Done!)

Click on image for full size (A4 300dpi)

2. Cut out all the pieces:

  • Flower Envelope
  • Ladybird Card Square
  • small Ladybird & Butterfly

3. Fold Ladybird Card:

1_ladybirdsquareFold triangles. 2_ladybird_triangles 3_ladybird_folding Fold innerwings to a a rectangle.4_ladybird_rectangleThen it should look like this:

Ladybird_folding Ladybird_Cutting Ladybird_adjustCutting

4. Fold Flower Envelope and apply Butterfly:Envelope_constructionButterflyOnFlower

Envelope_Folding4_Ladybird_Unfolding 2_Ladybird_closedUp 1_Ladybird_MainIMG…and finished!

You like it? Let me know! Love to hear from you!

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