Midnight Terror … Database Error Connection Failed

Well, let me tell you…I am glad last night is over! I was working on the Hattifant website. It was going rather well. Then there came a point when you get a little stuck and you start experimenting…just a little…here and there…to MAKE IT WORK! You know what I mean?

And what is the result of all the labour, sweat and energy put into all this (arghhhhhh plugins….sometimes I really…)?


Seriously,…I think my eyeballs were about to pop out when just by conincidence…as you do…you go back to your website to linger a little…and…




My blood pressure went up…, my ears started ringing…and I just thought…no, no, no , no…it’s all gone! Hattifant is gone!

So I used a few Hattifant methods to calm myself down…counting my breaths,…frantically reclicked the link to my website,…jumped up and caaaallllmmmmly made myself a cup of tea,…refrained from storming into the bedroom to tell my husband (it was past midnight by now)…resigned and sat back down in front of my computer and repeated the following mantra in my head…

…everything will be fine. This is just a minor issue (MINOR ISSUE??? THE … WEBSITE ISN’T WORKING AND YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT MINOR???)…yes, minor. Everything will be fine. Now,.., let’s see this in a positive light…it is an opportunity to learn… (YEAH RIGHT! I WANT MY WEBSITE BACK! NOW!)…

And, hey, see, it works again!!! You guys can read this! Hattifant is back! How? You might ask?!

Well, I am now very very very fond of my host! 😉

After looking through endless threads of what one can do in exactly this scenario and me being far too emotional to follow the instructions presented in front of me, I clicked on the 24/7 Support Chat Line and pulled a ticket. I have no idea why I was so lucky but I was responded to straight away. Brian M welcomed me and sorted out my (probably truely minor) issue within 15 minutes. I was happy as can be and from now on LOVE Inmotionhosting! You guys are awesome! I will stay with you forever! 🙂

So because I am so thankful I will support Inmotionhosting here today and link them to Hattifant. If any of you are looking for a host, these folks take their work serious. I am by far no expert (I think Brian M would definetely agree to that although he would never say so I believe) but he was very kind and expertly dealt with THE situation. I have been with Inmotionhosting for now almost 2 years (Hattifant Birthday is on 16 June!!!) and never had any trouble or lets say if I was in trouble, I was helped promptly. So if you like, check it out!

I had to digest yesterday’s experience a little and made a sketch of the whole situation.

Enjoy! 🙂 Hope you guys are better with this webdesigning thing…! And always remember…there is hope! 🙂

Oh, before I forget…if you like you can colour in this sad girl! Click on the image and it will lead you to an A4 sized copy!

Hattifant's Nightmare - Database Error Connection Failed

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