Hattifant visits … Art in Paradise Chiangmai

Finding things to do with little children can be challenging at times. During our last little holiday up north though we were able to combine several favorite activities in one go…

It was great, was enjoyed by the whole of the family. So you might have just as much fun as we did!

The Art in Paradise in Chiang Mai is a buzzing place for the smaller as much as for the TALLER. It is such a fun place to explore art and to interact with it, to be part of it…

Have yourself a glas of wine served, jump over bubbly volcanos spitting fire, fight of a tiger or crocodile, explore far-away places such as Venice or ancient times in Egypt. You can even pull down the slip of poor young Greek beauty Kouros (I believe?!) if you so desire. Although not sure how he got hold of his undies in the first place! 😉

1_BalletLessonsTake some Ballet lessons…

2_FlyingCarpetTake a tour on the carpet…

3_HearTheSoundOfWaterCan you hear the water splashing???

4_CrawlIntoPaintingNow try this one…climb into a picture frame!!!

5_LittleCrawlingWallBugsOr simply crawl around the wall if you like…

6_EatMeHave a snack after so much hard work and exercise!

7_DoNotFall…and then go off again running over bridges and deep deep drops. But don’t forget to enjoy the waterfall as well!

8_KourosAndHisUnderwearNo comment apart from: “Sorry Kouros!”

And if your little ones do get a bit too excited and loud then just turn them into mini versions…that’ll stop them in their tracks at least for a short while! 🙂

9_MiniatureMe3D Art Museums are quite the hit in Thailand at the moment. So don’t miss it and most of all: ENJOY!!! 🙂

You can find the museum in Chiang Mai here:

Art in Paradise Chiang Mai
199/9 Changklan Rd. Changklan
Muang Chiangmai Thailand 50200
Tel.: 053-274-100
Fax: 053-273-491
Email: artinparadise.cnx@gmail.com

There are others, too, one in Pattaya and another in Bangkok! Well that being said for Thailand!

But I am sure there are many others all over the world. You might be surprised, one might be too far away from you either!

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