Hattifant meets Krokotak – making animal pageholders

Do you like reading? Getting lost in the world created by an amazing story and your imagination?

The Hattifant family loves reading, all sorts of things really… travel and illustrated children books are obviously on top of the list.

And since all our students love to read as well, we were all very keen on Krokotak’s pageholders or bookmarks. The cute frogs, cat or bear really look like as if they are going to munch away on your book page.

Hattifant Review for Krokotak PageholdersThey are really easy to make, too!

Krokotak is offering a printable on their website.

Hattifant Review for Krokotak PageholdersPrint off the template, cut out the animal shapes, colour them in and make a fine cut to open up their mouths. It’s as simple as that!

Hattifant Review for Krokotak Pageholders

We put a see through sticky foil on top to make it more lasting. And every student went home with at least 3 or 4 new animal friends. You cannot imagine the quaking, ribbetying and meowing that was going on throughout the workshop!

So do we like Krokotak’s pageholders?

We LOVE them and recommend them as an easy craft to everyone. All thumbs up! By all the students!

Krokotak offers lots and lots of craft ideas. Do have a look! A great website!

Krokotak’s pageholders will definetely get a place on Hattifant’s Pinterest board!



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